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The puppies were born 16.1.2014, 2 males and 3 females. Kukka was about to make a nest in every corner but when zero hour approached she was commanded to to puppy box. Although she had visited the box several times over the past few days. The first puppy, biggest of all, was born few minutes berofe three o'clock. His weight was a little over 400 grams. This tiny tot got head start on the other siblings because he had time to revel in a milk bar over two hours before the next puppy was born.

The second one was the biggest of the females. The rest of the puppies were born at a tighter pace and the last one, small male was born around half past seven. I was quite sure that four puppies was all of it this time and didn't expect one more so the exact time of birth went unrecorded. The puppies seem very perky and vigorous. Their birth weights were between 230-400 grams. I hope everything goes okay from now on. Milk seems to taste, the puppies are also sleepin well. Kukka is taking a good care of the litter and doesn't want to go out for long yet.


The puppies got their "box names" right after they were born. Last night I got chance to take some kind of portrait of the quintuple. Little pups are still energetic and diligent drinking milk. Also they seem not so energetic after eating. :D

Even the little male has gained weight pretty well after a day compared to his size. It seems that the size difference between little-Bosse and tubby-Börje is beginning to stabilize. The girls are all between the boys, with Betsy being biggest, Bettina in the middle and Blanca the smallest.


The puppies are one week old today and one could say they are quite thickly. During the week puppies have doubled their weights. Betsy wedged her way to the top in chubby competition, Bosse is still the smallest. Although the competition between the smallest two, Bosse and Blanca, is getting more intense every day.

Puppy box is getting quite crowded around feeding time when puppies rush to dugs. The sound is also getting louder every day. Kukka-mommy is still keeping good care of her litter, although sometimes she goes outside the puppy box when the whole litter is sound asleep. During the next week should happen great upheavals in puppies thus far in life when their eyes and ears open.


The puppies are two weeks old today. After an eventful week everyone is still all right. As pictures show, they are quite plump and happy. Monday evening the first eyes were about to open and now all of them all ajar. How well puppies see and hear at this stage is a different matter. I cut all their nails for the first time and gave some anthelmintic to the puppies also.

There were also a little worries during the week. At first little-Bosse was suffering from what seemed to be flatulence because he was screaming quite a lot and didn't quiet down until I gave him a long tummy rub. All the screaming and tummy ache seemed to draw all of Bosse's energy and he weren't that eager to eat. In the evening he cheered up and started to eat normally. On Saturday his weight didn't rise but it didn't decrease either so sister Blanca caught up a bit with him.

When everything was back to normal and Bosse were okay, every now and then some of the puppies had the runs. It is hard to be 100% sure because Sanitation Services Oy Kukka Ab keeps the puppy box very clean but every now and then accidents happened and I noticed them. Now and again it seemed like the discomfort was gone until yesterday I was palpating Kukka's dugs and one seemed a little odd. Earlier I hadn't found this bump. I made an appointment with a vet and we were able to go there immediately. The vet wasn't sure if the bump was an infection or just so called tight tit but just in case we took a milk sample to culture. We found out it was an infection and the dug is being treated with antibiotics now. Let's hope it's going to be all right soon.

Now I'm also employed in a dining process. Everytime I am present I have to try to make one of the chubbiest one drink from that damned tit to empty it when milk bar seems to be open. Do don't wonder if you see me crawling in the middle of everything trying to make sure the dug is being sucked and rolling Kukka around and rushing one of the chubby ones to certain dug. Let's hope the healing process is quick and it will be as painless as it can be although we have some painkillers for Kukka if she needs them. So far she seems to be happy and herself. Hopefully antibiotics won't confuse puppies stomachs too much. The medication should work in a day or two and luckily may day at work tomorrow is quite short and weekend is ahead so I can be with the puppies watching over their dining. I wonder where the infection came from. It's been quite cold and we've been very careful. Although I think the dogs have had these infections at warmer weather also. Luckily I don't see this too often.

Luckily the puppies are growing up and getting bigger every day despite all that's happened. I was comparing the weights of this bunch to Kukka's previous litter (W) and Dara's last spring (A). I must say, every litter grows up in their own pace! The smallest ones in this litter, Bosse and Blanca, are two week old and weighing almost the same than W-litter's smallest Kaapo and Vekku (work names Juhani and Simeoni) and A-litter's Mila and Alli. The biggest ones cannot be even compared to others, they are getting so big that weighing them in a kitchen steelyard is already hard. Chubby-Betsy is about the same weight than W-brothers week older than her now. Börje and Bettina are also close to that weight.

Next week we will be waiting walkin practice getting more intense and of course that we can get this stupid dug infection off the agenda.


Another week has passed and puppies are three weeks old now. Late stomach aches and Kukka's dug infection is now beated and puppy box contains "normal" clean puppies (this clearly means their stomachs are in a better condition) and the lump in Kukka's tit is gone. Of course she have to eat antibiotics for a few more days and it still might upset the puppies stomachs. Also there has been a lot of progress in walking. Puppies are training hard and they all totter around the puppy box. I've noticed some wrestling matches also and the bigger ones are climbing against the box edge braying for food when milk bar is resting outside the box.

The puppies are awake longer and getting faster every day. They greet the funny waffler heartily and they've also become more sociable and curious now. The puppies can recognizably bark, I hear "woof-woof"s from a box for example if mummy has gone in the middle of dining to check the noices from yard. We've had first visitors and Kukka-mom was quite relaxed during that visit. She was mostly laying on her back outside the puppy box. When you're this buxom, you've got to show that to the others, too!

We've also had weekly weighing, and I have to state that it may be the last one for now. It has become almost impossible to fit even the smallest to the wobbly steelyard. During the week Börje stole The Chubbiest -price from Betsy but it seems that the bigger sisters have wedged over him and Betsy (1900 grams) is at the forefront again. Bosse and Blanca are about the same weight (1370 grams). This week's biggest weight gainer is Betsy (surprise to all!), she gained 540 grams this week. The second price for weight gaining goes to Bettina and Börje had a bit under 500 grams. Smallest ones have gained about 400 grams druring the week. So, thet are quite plump and next week we will hear about some housing arrangement changes...


And again it's time to wonder how fast time flies and how the puppies are growing up and making huge progress. The puppies are four weeks old now and I've got new things to tell. First of all, teeth appeared right after last weeks update. They haven't yet tried them in a different objects but oh, those times await... The puppies began to be so big and the puppy box so small a place that it was a time to let them play in a bigger area.

The padding paper was very slippery at first and they reminded me of human children learning how to skate. Despite good and avid tries they slided only backwards. Little by little they got used to the paper surface and now everybody is padding along the puppy cage.

During the weekend I should expand the puppy cage because they are getting faster every day. Third wonderful and new thing this week was solid food. Kukka still has plenty of milk but it would be a good thing to get used to porridge little by little. It seems to taste good although they don't yeat much yet. I hear a lot of happy smacks from the team while they are eating but some table manners are still missing. More news next week!


It's time for a weekly report. The puppies are five weeks old now and they quicken every day. Wrestling matches are getting "serious" and the puppies bite each other from neck or tail that the defendant is screaming high and loud to make the teaser quit. Morning and night matches are quite a show and the noise is prominent. I haven't had time to follow the olympic because the puppy world is much more interesting to watch.

There has been some new things during the week. First of all, a new acquaintance, Kerttu-granny have been visiting the puppy room. It seems that granny is mostly interested in little ones toys than the puppies themselves. All of the toys seem to disappear from the cage one at a time and they're found all around the house. I set up a toilet in a puppy cage. They've become good using the toilet. Every time I change the clean sheets at first there's joyful wrestling but during the night and day small piles of poop appear to the toilet. I wonder what news I've got to tell you next week... Until then!


Sunday-news from puppy world. We all can fit the box if we want to! In a last update I forgot to tell you that Santeri-daddy came to see his offspring. Well, Santeri had to watch them behind the window from distance while "grandparents" had time to have a closer look at the small ones. Daddy seemed quite interested of the puppies. :)


The puppies are six weeks old now. Yesterday they got outside for a first time and they are already running around tails straight. Behind mom and granny it's fun to go very far. World seems to be full of wonders and weird things. :) The takeover of the lands seems to go well. Kerttu-granny is excited about walking the puppies. After the outdoors the puppies are allowed to explore the lobby and kitchen, that seems to be the best thing ever!

Puppy calendar is full for the rest of the week. Today they are having their anthelmintic again and tomorrow we are heading to veterinary inspection. Last time I heard quite a concert, I wonder will it be the same this time. This gang is sometimes silent as mice and sometimes they yell as loud as they can. On Saturday the puppies get their microchips which means I have to finally give them names and start to register them to Kennel Club. On Sunday the puppies will donate a drop of their blood to Hannes Lohi genetic research for dogs. It's an great opportunity in such a young age. :)


Now the whole litter have official names and they are registered in Kennel Club. The names can be seen in Kennel Club's Koiranet-website under Dirlian page. Their official names are: Börje - Dirlian Bourbon Street, Bosse - Dirlian Blue Blue Sky, Betsy - Dirlian Blueberry Blossom, Bettina - Dirlian Blooming Magnolia ja Blanca - Dirlian Baby Spice. Now they only miss their names they're going to have in their own homes. The moving day is actually close, oh how the time flies. Yesterday's blood samples were succesfull and little puppies were very brave and all of them gave a drop of their blood for a good purpose. If you want to know what's this all about you can go to and find some information there.

It's been a little funny and rainy weather lately and the puppies have been out less than when it's drier outside. Luckily the rest of the week seems to be better. The puppies have been playing in the kitchen and lobby to compensate lost outside play. They love that almost as much they love playing outside. My camera's memory card is full and battery is dead so I haven't been able to take pictures in these past days. Alongside a few shots of Betsy who will move far up north and for the future owner I had to take some fresh pictures of our little chubby princess. In the last picture is the puppies favourite hobby, diving in the straws (which looks quite joyous). Betsy is posing in the pictures.

The small ones are becoming eminent doing the bigger needs and while we're outdoors I see them do that a lot. There's only few exceptions in toilet box and some pee accidents happen everywhere although there's been good performances in that too, after all. Sometimes it seems that it's enough to have only front paws inside the toilet box to do the need...


The time flies so fast! The puppies are seven weeks old and it feels like that the last few weeks have been even quicker walking the little quintuple and watching them play. The pace outside is vaulting and they go ahead of me to the lobby every time I open the cage door and go to the front door. Today's weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and I can keep the little ones outside as long as they get tires, which happens quick as yet.

It's plaintive that everything good has to end at some point and we've got say first goodbyes to Börje who whill move to his own home. Luckily he moves close here in Porvoo so we will see him often in the future. The rest of the puppies will move out next week. First Bosse and girls will entertain us until the weekend.

I took the six week portraits of the puppies. You can see them here. Puppies registration books arrived yesterday, also the puppies can be found on Kennel Club's KoiraNet.


All good thing has to come to and end and it's time to say goodbye to Kukka's and Santeri's puppies. First ones to move were Börje (Nisse) who moved to Porvoo last week's friday and on monday Bosse (Bruno) moved to Perniö. This week all of the girls lived here until Betsy (Sani) went on a long trip home to Raahe this friday. On saturday Blanca (Wiia) moved to Vantaa and finally Bettina (who doesn't have a name yet) moved to Espoo. They all were very brisk and sleepy. Everybody seemed to be very happy and curious about their new homes. I wish all of those buggers best of luck in their lives, let's keep in touch!

Here's few more pictures of Bettina and Wiia (+ Kukka-mom and Kerttu-granny) playing outside in the snow. Getting to know the soft snow was fun for the sisters and they were tired after their play when their people came to get them home.

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