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It begun on 21st of February. The night between Friday and Saturday had been peaceful, but in the morning it felt like you wouldn’t need to wait the puppies for long. And so it happened, the first puppy, bitch named Cess, was born few minutes to 2 pm. Next was born Cilla, Clara, Calle, Cassu, Cody and Carla. Everyone were born by 6.30 pm and the whole family was gathered around Venla snuffling in the puppybox.

The puppies were quite the similar weight. The smallest was Calle, a little under 300 g, and the biggest was Cassu (370 g). The others somewhere in between. Venla is an avid and great mother, who doesn’t have the patience to leave the puppybox very often. The puppies have a good taste for milk. In the morning, they vigorously crawl to mother’s dug and seem to have a good grip because they are still clinging on the dug after Venla stands up. I’ve been trying to learn who is who and now I think that I recognize them all.


The puppies are week old today and they have mainly been sleeping, eating and growing. They’ve been gaining 200 to 300 grams weight in a week.

The most hulking dogs are still brothers Cassu and Cody, but the most piggish has been “little”-Calle, who has gone past his two smallest sisters. The smallest ladies Cilla and Clara are growing at their own pace and the sisters Cessi and Carla are between Calle and Cody. It’s exciting to see next week, if they would start opening their eyes next week and maybe they will shakily try to stand up.


It has been a worrisome week but now everything seems to be okay. But everything doesn’t always go as you would hope. Mother Venla had a dug infection. The result was high fever and high inflammatory values, so Venla became very exhausted. Luckily the antibiotics have worked and the blood values have become normal.

Because all of this, the puppies have not been growing at the normal rate. They have been having the runs, probably because of the infection and antibiotics. These could have also affected on Venla’s milk production. Now it seems that everything is all right, but I was very worried for Venla and the puppies. Fortunately, the worst case scenario didn’t happen and Venla is her great self again. We have a small but cheery folk in our puppybox called Team Hippiäiset, who despite their small size have been diligently eating and practicing walking. The walking goes pretty well and they have opened their eyes today.

The biggest is still Cassu and the smallest sister is Clara. Today was the first time I cut their nails and they will be getting anthelmintic for the first time. Next week they will increasingly be practicing walking and maybe we have to expand the household of Team Hippiäiset.


Lovely week behind! The worry for Venla is behind. On Sunday I started to give solid food for the little ones and they have eaten it eagerly. They have been gaining weight faster than other puppies at the same age, who had only drunk milk. However, they are still little but not so small, hoping that they will still grow fast. Another new things have happened for the puppies besides the solid food.

The first visitors came to marvel the puppies. The menu expanded today with well soaked dry food in baby food. The puppies have started playing and wrestling in the puppybox, however, not usually for long because they get tired very fast. They seem to notice other things beside the mother; they come on the edge of the box when I talk to them, for example. Yesterday, lady Carla was standing against the wall of the box and today Cassu did the same. Maybe he will follow his father Kassu in hurdles. The puppybox is starting to get small, so soon we have to open new bigger playpen.

I haven’t been so weighing the puppies every day anymore so I don’t know what the situation right now is. Last week, Cessi and Cassu were battling for the number one spot. In the lightweights, Clara and Cilla are pretty even and it’s nice to see that they are now gaining weight at the same rate as their sisters. Lastly, the title “piggish” goes to Cody. That young gentleman is always gobbling almost all paws in the food bowl, it’s ALWAYS him. :)


Again a week has gone by and there has happened new thing in the lives of the puppies. The puppybox expanded to a bigger play area and after getting used to it, it is time to expand it even bigger so playful puppies have enough room.

They are beginning to tease each other and they already have teeth, but it doesn’t yet hurt when they are biting my socks, maybe in a few weeks. The future owners of these puppies have been visiting here. A lot of people have been visiting this week end. Depending on luck, they have seen playful puppies or sleepy puppies. The puppies have still been eating well and are growing at normal pace. They have been willing to eat different kinds of meals: in addition to dry food there has been minced meat, sour milk, cottage cheese and infant formula.

Cody has, not surprisingly, been gaining the most weight. It has been a little annoying that he is prone to lie in the food bowl and others need to squeeze somewhere in there. Cody is usually also the last to stop eating. Carla has been the pickiest and her weight has risen the least, a little over 500 grams. These measurements are beginning to start getting distorted because the puppies don’t want to be still on the scale. It would be time to give anthelmintic again and their nails are growing as fast as themselves.


Time for a week review, 5 weeks full! They have been growing again and in the puppy pen the speed increases and it’s not easy for the breeder anymore. If the puppies are awake when I go to the puppy pen, there comes a vicious attack with their horrifying teeth sharp as needles. The puppies are clearly having fun when dragging pant leg or sock, but their weapons are starting to get very sharp! As said, the speed in the puppy pen has increased and like the breeder, sometimes some brother or sister squeals when being the target for a vicious attack. There was a big change at the beginning of the week when a “toilet” popped up in their world.

They have been quite fast to learn to use it. Someday I was looking how after waking up several puppies went to pee in the box. Of course they relieve themselves to other places too, but quite often they manage to do it in the box. The puppies love to play around in new and changed wood fiber. We will probably find wood fiber on some corner still on mid-summer. The puppies have gotten accustomed to sleeping together in a pile after dinner.

The weather has been miserably windy and rainy so I haven’t dared to let them go out yet. Maybe on Easter the weather would be better and the puppies could see the wonders of outside world. They could also properly see their grandparents, who have seen then briefly. New wonders in near future for the puppies if weathers allow.


Time flies when it’s fun! It feels like just a moment ago I did the previous update, but another week has gone by wondering the progress of the puppies. All kinds of new thing have happened, most notably going outside on April Fools’. However, the weather has been quiet rainy still. There are many exciting things to explore outdoors: a lot of weird objects and now the puppies gotten to know their grandparents better.

There seems to be the good granny and the bad granny. The other lets the puppies do anything they want but the other one sometimes grins at them if she finds them disturbing her too much. Besides the puppies’ mother, the grandparents will teach important traffic rules how to act in a band of dogs and what different expressions and voices mean. And the sound! The sound of the pack has increased a lot and they bark while playing and they can growl too. The little gangsters are rampaging at great speed. And the speed continues when they come in and noise increases when they got into the cage. Agile lady Carla has managed to climb out of the cage a couple times, so we probably need a bigger barrier for the entry.

In the near future the puppies will get anthelmintic again, get microchips on their neck and I should figure out last “official” names before tomorrow. The appointment for the vet is next Friday due to these holidays and the vet’s deserved vacation. After that we will need to decide who goes where. See you next week!


A small update now that we have news. The puppies got the microchips but also their official names because they have to be given before the chips are installed. They were called:

They got the anthelmintic so they had to be weighed, which I had not done in a while and there were some happy surprises. Team Hippiäiset are finally normal sized so not so small anymore. Above, there is a picture in their bed and how it has gone smaller. You can compare that picture to one a couple weeks back.

However, Carla is not there because she had chosen to sleep in a less crowded space. The puppies will live a little under two weeks here and then it is time to move to their own homes. We’ll say goodbye to Venla on this weekend because she is going home where she is missed. The grandparents will take over the duties of schooling and guarding the puppies.


Time for news and pictures of 7-weeks-old puppies. We had photographer here on Thursday so thank Aino for the above pictures. :) The week has been eventful. The puppies like to be more outdoors so now they eagerly run on queue when the gate opens. They are so happy there and I sometimes need to count the puppies when they are wandering around the yard. I’ve also been including grandmother Kukka to the counting, because she has been escaping. I almost watch her the closest when we are outside. We have not been without accidents. On Tuesday, Carla cornered grandmother Kukka and Carla didn’t believe granny’s warnings. Kukka then growled and her tooth hit Carla in the eye, which bled a little. The vet said that luckily the eye didn’t have any scratches only eyelid was broken.

On Thursday when taking the above pictures, Cilla was disciplining some flowers when suddenly she was weeping eyes closed. On Friday the vet said that the eye had an infection, so probably some dirt had gotten form a branch. Luckily the eye didn’t have any scratches. So on Friday we all went to the vet with grandparents. The grandparents were with the puppies because it is easier to get the puppies stay in the car when the big dogs are already there. These Japanese cars are quite spacey; I easily got ten dogs inside. Cody sang a somber song for a little while and got some angel choir backing but pretty quietly they travelled and not one got travelling sickness.

Everyone had normal bites and boys had testicles and other things in order. Cilla got some eye drops and Carla’s eye was declared healed. The sisters’ eye drop regimen continues to next week. I had to check the weights at 7-weeks-old, because I had been so worried about their weights in the beginning. Cassu is still the leader, but Cody, Calle and Cessi are not far and other little girls a little behind. They have grown well after the rocky start. These little girls weigh 200 grams more than the heaviest from C-litter at same age.

Tomorrow is a big change because mother-Venla goes back home. At the end of the week, the puppies start to move to their own homes, luckily they won’t all vanish at once. Three puppies will leave next week. A wistful week is coming but at least I have some winter vacation now, so I can be with them as long as I can.


Lovely, but a little wistful week behind. We have learned many things this week. For me the most notable thing has been pulling games, because I’ve had many pullers on my pant leg and many things have been pulled about. The puppies’ favorite grandmother Kerttu has been early in these games when the other grandmother has kept eye on birds this spring. Tonight there was a Mouse Hunt 101 with the virtuoso and Kerttu being the assistant teacher. The logistics in and out of the puppy cage goes smoothly. When I open the gates, the puppies run to outside and in almost similar hurry back inside when I call them for lunch.

The first partings have happened and the pack has gotten quite a bit smaller. The first brave mover was Carla, Dana nowadays, who moved to Helsinki on Thursday. On Friday moved Clara, nowadays Cinna, to Lohja and Calle, nowadays Väinö, to Helsinki being almost neighbors with Carla. Now on Saturday, Cilla, nowadays Hilla, moved to Pori. They have been brave. It’s getting a little quiet in here although Cessi, Cody and Cassu wake me up with their somber songs on the mornings marking the beginning of normal puppy life. At the beginning of next week the boys will be moving to their own homes and Cessi on Friday. And so the time flies, it feels like they were just born!


And so they all have moved to their homes. The last in the photos are Cessi (Misty), Cody (still Cody) and Cassu (Olmo). It still feels very quiet in here, even though I have a couple days of puppy-free days behind me. It has been lovely to hear news about the puppies, they all have been so brave and have settled down well to their homes. I have gotten lots of messages and other evidence that they still are energetic.

The East-Helsinki Squad of the litter (Dana, Olmo and Väinö) had their first date after moving and it seems that the next date might also include Misty and Cody :) . I heard the first date already was action-packed! Time flew fast by and the puppies got to their new homes. Good luck to all seven of you!

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