Our G-litter is here, Hippu gave birth 24.3 to four male and three female puppies. More about them at their blog (sorry only in finninsh)


Dirlian Viva Las Vegas Dirlian Double Sugar
Lonkat A/A
Eyes OK (21.1.2019)
CC & res_CC
Robi's information in FKK's KoiraNet
born 1.11.2015
Hips B/B
Eyes OK (12.4.2017)
2 x CC (FI), 2xCC(LV) 2xCC (LT), 2 x CACIB
Approved working test for spaniels
MH mental description done
Hippu's information in FKK's KoiraNet

Take a look from the links below how our former litters did grow up.


Litters born so far