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Puppies at the age of under half a day and the mother


The age of 1 day and the puppies have already rounded in eyes, the milk tastes, and sleep in between.


Super infamous after yesterday’s litter box no longer crawls with more than 5 puppies that Kerttu – mother still fondly treats. Puppies are growing at a furious pace, and some of them are already doubled their birth weight, while the “smallest” ones are very close. Various sounds are coming out of the puppy box munching, whining and sometimes even some early level of barking on “milk bar’s” arrival at the scene.


Puppies turned one week today, and to celebrate we went for a “first week counselling bureau visit”, also known as weighting. Everyone has grown up just fine, girls are smaller and boys are slightly larger, the weights of puppies are now between 740-850g. Food and sleep in turn continue to taste great, so the litter box has offered the paparazzi quite monotonous footage.


We are living in an expectant mood. Some of the puppies’ eyes are already minuscule ajar, and also some kind of rudimentary moving practicing is on air. Food tastes as usual, and the weight should be increasing day by day at a steady pace.


Puppies turned two weeks today and everyone’s eyes are opened. Puppy box has already a bit more bustling, sometimes the puppies will rise “up” straight up even from asleep as soon as kerttu turns around checking and sniffing on the edge of the box that everything is alright, or if I myself bow deep enough into the box to admire the puppies.

Milk Bar is just the best thing but still strolling around is starting to be a hoppy as well. It is nice to lie back and relax with a full belly after having eaten enough and doing sports.


After Monday’s news this top journalist does have some headline poster level story. Puppies are moving quite strongly, the nifty little fellows have learned today how to rise up on the edge of the box if the milk bar is keeping itself waiting outside the box. Also a small start of play is in the air, fellows’ ears and neck skin are nice twitch with toothless mouth. Puppies got some new taste sensations in the form of anthelmintic and the first nail cutting has also been performed.


This time, sportier pictures of the baby kindergarten, walking style just keeps getting steadily, and the foretaste of wrestling matches is already in the air. You won’t be able to make your friend scream with a toothless mouth yet, but soon that time will come. Puppies are already 3 weeks tomorrow, the day of weighing, the weights are now between 1550-1780g.


Again, the news from the puppy box which is becoming too small for substantial moving and playing puppies. Puppies are probably quite shortly in front of the large-scale upheaval times, enlarging the playground and practicing to eat solid food. Kerttu keeps having enough milk and puppies are rounded and satisfied, but if on next week we would taste already something more than just a milk bar food.


Puppies turn 4 weeks old today, it’s always just more funny watch the going of the puppies. On Saturday puppy world was rocked by an earthquake or some other natural disaster, at least the puppies believe that, when a familiar and safe puppy box was expanded into a bigger playpen.

They were annoyed about the oddness of the new playpen and made some beeping for a good while, yes even small dogs are able to make a sound! However the settling to a new playpen happened quite fast and they have figured out that it is not worthwhile to piss in your bed because there are some papers put in place for that purpose.

They know how to rattle and torment the bugs and gadgets that have appeared to the house, they have also eaten porridge eagerly. I will try to get pictures of the little ones on the next update.


There was another exciting day in the pups’ life, the weather was very hot and it was Midsummer Day so the puppies got to go outdoors for the first time. And some outdoor enthusiasts they were.

Kukka is still very interested in being the treatment aunt, and can now be in the outdoor corral as well even though Kerttu needs to count the puppies still. Sleep tastes good for a long time after some outdoor activities.


Happy Midsummer Day to everyone!


Puppies are now 5 weeks, goodness how fast time flies. The little fellows are infinitely fond of their outdoor garden, is there a better place to be while the sun is shining.

Same spirited playing company is available, milk bar’s terrace unit is opened every now and then and porridge serving is working as well and what’s more you can take a nap in peace. Let’s hope for a lot of summery warm and sunny outdoor holidays!


The warm weather of July! There has been enough of warm weather and what is the most wonderful is that there seems to be more of it coming. When I’m at home the little folk has spent majority of time outdoors in their corral, there is hotter outside than indoors.

At long last Kukka gets to spend time in the corral with the puppies. Kukka plays very prettily with the little ones and they seem to have gotten very fond of their big playing buddy on who the rummage and climb just as freely as their own mom.


We’ve been living some busy times, puppies have gotten to play and hang out a lot in the courtyard where they seem to get on better than indoors and there has also been some new things in the lives of the puppies. The first formal portraits of the puppies were taken on Sunday while being more or less cooperative on posing.

Yesterday the puppies turned 6 weeks and were given microchips. At the same time the puppies were named and registration was put forward to Kennel Club. The register books probably have a chance to come before the transfer unless something miraculous happens.

The breeder will head to a camp with Kukka for the rest of the week, granny goes to get spoiled at “Granny’s” and the little quintet and Kerttu remain at Lauras’ tender care. There is a first mileage to veterinary inspection ahead on next Monday and then we need to slowly start to prepare for the sad fact that the little ones gradually start moving to their own new homes.


At long last I have time to contribute for the small updates on puppies’ page. 4 Hot days behind on springer, it seemed like the puppies had grown up and gone awfully wild! Those little wild ones probably enjoyed their return home, Kerttu even cried for joy and the granny who had spent a luxurious life at the cottage by swimming and almost solely eating meatballs tried to jump in the car by herself, which is happening very rarely todays. Then the puppies got on their first mileage of their lives on yesterday.

Some took the job quite relaxed, but someone saw fit to sing during the whole car journey. The puppies were very briskly on Marja-doctor’s treatment, and after that they could fall asleep in the transport box, apart from one “musical” girl puppy. Nothing earth-shattering was discovered, one of the boys had underbite, but that was already known, and the boys’ testicles are all palpable though all are not quite up to the end of the descent.

We still tried to take portraits of the puppies in the evening, which is not easy at all in the case of this quite a wild quintet… at the end of the week it is time wish the puppies bon voyage to their new homes, the first of the puppies is sought on Thursday and the rest then little by little. Fortunately all are in less than 100km radius, so no one will go away very far to the world.

We are now trying to enjoy this warm weather until then, which is so warm that the puppies have to be carried inside at the hottest time of the day. Though they do have their own “swimming pool” in their garden, where you can visit by taking a dip, so I guess their first swimming workouts have begun :)

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