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The puppies were born, 3 males and 4 females. “Nickname christening” was held right away, so that one begins to understand who is who.


Milk tastes dearly for the red nose, tits are crowded as a shopping center on discount season. Mom is doing the breastfeeding rather relaxed.


Puppies are now growing with a nice pace, weight gain per day is at approximately 30-60g depending on the puppy. Even the little girl pilkkupää has gained weight nicely in a few days considering her size, so we are living in a hope that the Friday’s setback was just because of staying at back of the milk queue in poor positions, and will continue to grow at the same pace.

The little girl seems to make business at the milk bar rather lively now, and it seems that her small slender size outcomes the traffic jams in the milk bar. She can quickly infiltrate the good positions past fatter siblings! Kerttu still carefully watches over her small ones, and the avid practical nurse Kukka is not allowed to peep into the puppy world at all.


Puppies are one week old today and depending on the puppy doubled their weight, except Venla, who also has gained weight more every day moderately well in relation to her size and weights well over 300g.

Thickest of the puppies and therefore probably the biggest gobblers siblings Viiru and Viola, while others are behind a good pace. Life in the puppy box continues to focus around the milk bar transactions and sleeping, the largest (and noisiest) crises being the departure of milk bar among the happy hour, or a puppy getting lost from the siblings on opposite corner of the box.


25.09.2011 A few sleeping potret while while waiting for busier periods of time. If there would soon be more news as the eyes open...


Puppies are “already” two weeks today. Everybody’s eyes are slightly ajar, and somekind of general mobilization has happened in the litter box. Puppies are starting to rise on their feet and sometimes there is quite a wobbling, falling upside down happens sometimes, but the small ones keep trying stubbornly, especially if the wonderful milk bar happens to be nearby.

They still mainly dine during the daytime and then sleep again, a small walking exercise is tried every now and then, but from now on the pace keeps accelerating..


Tomorrow the puppies are already three weeks old, and movements in the litter box are already sometimes downright dizzying. The first beautiful and supple have already been spotted risen on the edge of the puppy box. The brothers Viiru and Veeti particularly have distinguished themselves in this, so far, no one has successfully dropped on the other side of the fence, but that will probably happen soon so the playpen needs to be slightly extended.

“Valid” food besides milk should soon begin to marvel at, the first anthelmintics were already taken at the start of the week. There is a lot of action going on in the puppy box, walking exercises and wrestling, but capturing all that is mostly based on luck. We should not play lotto based on the amount of cranky photos we have taken. For some weird reason it is so much easier to take photos of sleepy puppies!


There hasn’t been any major upheavals in the lives of the puppies over the weekend, although these pictures are from yesterday. On Saturday the first guests visited their future family members, we of course don’t yet know who will move to which family. After the first visitors left in the afternoon I saw fit to take a nap since everyone else were sleeping as well. I woke up when I heard loud peeping, 2 puppies had climb over the edge, the other was little Venla and the other one remains in dark in all that hassle, but I think it were the agile little girls Venla and Viola. Emergency measures had to be taken as a result, and so the “heaven was opened”, which meant that the freedom came in the form of first extension of the puppy enclosure. Oh the wonders of a big world, seemed that the hustle and bustle increased right away in the puppy enclosure.

Today we got more guests when Kerttu’s breeder, Malin came for a surprise visit. After that something new and wondrous happened, a plate full of porridge appeared in front of the puppies, after a small wondering there were at least 3 puppies on the plate while others were trying to cram along, so the little folk still have plenty of room for improvements considering the table manners. However, the porridge started to dwindle at furious pace after the initial puzzlement, and on top of it they still got to enjoy mama’s milk bar. I guess I should try to get the little pigs’ eating sessions recorded in the near future.


The puppies are four weeks old now and they are speeding up in a puppy box. They are eating with good appetite and gaining weight daily. Little polka dot head Venla is gaining weight relatively more than the others. She is putting on weight about 100 grams per day. The bigger puppies (Valtteri, Veeti and Vilja) are nearly two kilograms and the mids are about 200 grams from there. Venla is quite light weighing only about 1300 grams.

After meal sleep comes quickly and they sleep about two hours straight without interruptions. Some of our guests have had chance to witness this when they’ve visited right after their meal. In the mornings, before breakfast their wrestling matches are the most fun thing to follow. They already have some teeth and it’s nice to try them in different places, e.g. sides of a puppy box, breeder’s toes, and they are quite strong to take a good grip of a sibling’s tail! It seems that I have to expand the puppy box in the weekend, because the puppies seem to get bigger and faster.


Tomorrow the puppies will be five weeks old and oh how the time flies! Tiny Welsh babies are getting rougher with the wrestling, they are eating more from the milk bar and porridge cup and they’ve improved their table manners! It seems they yearn for freedom also because they all are standing in front of the cage yelling. We should go out also when the weather seems good enough.

Their official names are now resolved. Boys are Velvet Sky, Viva Las Vegas and Vitamin D and the girls are Vanilla Twist, Valentine Girl, Violet Hill and Virtual Joy.


Today the litter had their first walk outside for the first time, it was exciting! Soon seven tiny Welshes spread around the yard and at times some had to cheep a little in a new and exiting place. They had time to have a little picnic also because they had their lunch with them. After playing outside they eat some and the outdoors seems to be quite tiring because they slept much longer than usually after eating. I hope the weather is good and we could go out daily.


During the weekend we took first portraits of the puppies, thanks to Nina for help. The success rate varied quite a lot. Other puppies were much more cooperative than the others and with some we never had chance to spot the most opportune moment although we had a lot of meal and rest breaks during the shoot. The result: twisty puppy.

Standing pictures are even harder. Kerttu was helping out by giving last moment’s advice and making sure Veeti was clean. Their five week portraits can be found here. In addition, mother’s love while outdoors in a video clip.


Today the puppies are six weeks old already. In the honor of that they had quite active and exciting day. We went out twice, their nails are clipped once again and they had their third anthelmintic. The new and exciting part was when they had their first trip to vet.

In the beginning they cheeped a little, because it seemed the worst thing ever to sit in a closed box and travel in something big and whirring. They fell asleep quite quickly, probably because last night I gave them one transport box so they would shake it down. In the morning I found toy pig inside the transport box so at least they’ve been doing something there…

During the examination and vaccination in vet’s reception the puppies behaved very nicely. After the procedures they slept all the way back home. I believe their first vet visit left them quite good/neutral impression. After we got back home the eating was a bit picky and then they all slept a bit more…


Today the puppies are seven weeks old and tomorrow we will have plaintive but happy day while septet’s first ones, Valtteri and Vieno will move to their own homes to Kouvola and Pyhtää. Luckily Vilja, Viola, Veeti, Viiru and Venla are still looking for their right homes.

The puppies are getting faster and faster. The little hun horde are rioting outside and they’ve experienced a lot of exciting things. The best play from today was lugging a garden flower together and carting off a flowerpot. These little ones are like human children, the most simple toys are the best. When a door opens, everybody rushes to lobby and kitchen to rampage for a moment and when I call them for a meal everybody whines outside their pen waiting to get in their home to eat. Smart kids.

Mommy seem to have closed the milk bar for good and lets them hang in her tits only occasionally. Although she doesn’t feed them anymore she still visits the puppy pen and lies there, as if she just wants to admire her puppies. Today we saw our first escape. Vieno popped out from the pen and I look forward to what the remaining five will work out.


The herd has decreased by two when siblings Vieno and Valtteri moved to their own homes. Valtteri moved to Kouvola and he was named Urho, Vieno moved to Pyhtää and is now known as Helmi. Brave Urho and sweet Helmi are settled down well, I heard, so now I can have a peace of mind and concentrate on keeping up with the remaining five.

The pace is accelerating and photographing the puppies is starting to be quite a sports performance (why all the cameras are so slow?). Puppy cam is also getting quiteter while the puppies are outside or playing somewhere else in the house.

Luckily, for now, the whole pack has been staying in their prison without any attempts to escape, running outside must be tiring after all. Here’s few video clips from weekend, this time paparazzi couldn’t keep up and got only a few twisted pictures!


We’ve been living the moments of parting, when Vilja and Viola were sought to their own homes today. Vilja moved to Espoo and was given the name Penny, Viola in turn moved to Porvoo and is now nicknamed Menni. Tomorrow Veeti is sought to his own home and then we keep waiting until Viiru and Venla find their own homes. News from the new owners have told us that Urho and Helmi have settled down nicely after just one week and have also been very energetic to explore a wide range of amazing new things. It is so wonderful to get those kind of messages.

Puppies are already so big that I have been forced to make major change measures to the puppy corral when escaping has become more popular. I do not think that it’s enough to explain the puppies that while I’m absent the safest place for the herd to be is in their enclosure and not running around the house unattended. Today the puppies had remained obediently in their threefold barring jail, and that’s good. The prison has been strengthened with bricks and the best sleeping place in puppies’ mind is on them, sometimes they have to queue there in order to gain access.

Now the puppies have been outdoors morning and evening even when it’s dark. It doesn’t seem to bother the puppies even if there is just one light on at the yard. They appear from all directions when I’m calling for them in the dark. They seem to be very uninhibited young adventures at least on their own safe yard and fortunately have tails proudly upright when I’m calling them back.


Today it has seemed very deserted at home when Veeti also left to his own home in Espoo. Fortunately, however there is some messages of the little folk and they are telling that everything goes well and they are brisk and I’ve also found some wonderful photos from my email, thanks to all the senders! Only the speed duo Venla and Viiru remain. They are hyper fun little mess arounders and have gotten to spend a lot of time freely in their rooms and that is why being in the corral isn’t very tempting anymore, protesting is very loud from time to time when they are forced there to take a nap.

Fortunately, however, they fall asleep and after that they are able to play around outdoors and indoors tails upright. Puppy box was already taken to the warehouse and puppies have gotten used to the new “adult” bed. Seems that sleeping is tasteful there also as long as they have the patience to sleep.


I guess I should still write news about the remaining duo as long as they keep sweeten our lives. “Puppy Prison” periods are now history, fast and nimble Venla began to be so professional at escaping from there that crossing the fence happened in a matter of seconds regardless of the obstacles. And less acrobat abilities having Viiru was of course left to cry for her loneliness on the other side of the fence.

So the duo has been accompany to the other dogs at all times, they used to go to the “prison” only to sleep and hang around while I was gone, but now not even that. However, Kerttu – mommy developed a new reversed use for the prison and began to use it as a refuge from the puppies rampage. That is, when not herself agitating the others as the most ambitious one, which happens quite often. They have taken all the joy out of this new freedom and unpaired socks keeps getting found from all around and very cutely do they fall asleep in their doghouse or wherever.

The meaning of outdoor activities have lighten up very well for both of them. The biggest needs are generally nicely done outdoors, but some peeing happens accidentally from time to time, especially if the breeder doesn’t let them out in time. Outisde, the duo plays around the yard on full steam. Study tours are being extended to also outside the fence to marvel at the world. Also Puppekamera has stopped its transmissions completely, more shows again when the next litter is born.


Greeting from the home front. The weather is awful but being outdoors is necessary regardless of all the raining, winding and the mud. I wish cold weather would come already and maybe some snow as well. That would be a new wonder subject for the little dogs. There’s not very many news from the home yard, there is a lot of rumbling under the sauna.

Then wrestling indoors, sometimes between 4 dogs, junior and senior series separately. There is a lot of action around, last Saturday was also full of action, when Menni sister visited to see the mom and siblings, a few photos of the dating below.


And so on the crowd keeps diminishing, Viiru moved to his own home in Espoo and is now known as Robi. Good luck to Robi, an immediate silence toke over the house as only Venla remains strutting around and seems to think that something essential is missing.

Robi and Venla had a chance to be here as raving buddies for 5 weeks. I guess Venla gets used soon to the fact that the brother was not around. Fortunately Menni sister came for a weekend visit and there’s been quite a going around :).


Venla moved to her own home after Christmas. Yet some pictures of breeders desperate attempts on taking Christmas pictures while Menni was visiting us, a business model doomed to fail :D. Becouse the sisters just happened to be very very wild.

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