15.4.1999 - 11.1.2011

Hips: C
Eyes: OK (4/2005)

3 x CC (Finland)
CC (Russia)
2 x BOB

Approved working test

Owner Maarit Ruotsalainen, Kaarenkylä


© Suvi Lindholm


INT&FIN&EST CH JWW-98 BaltW-00 EstW-02 Kastalian Touchdown A INT&FIN&EST CH Llawen Gopher A1 FIN CH Rwyn Zorbas X*
FIN CH Engwell´s Tales in Red B1
INT&FIN&EST CH ESTW-96 Hammalgårdens Ferris-Wheel H NORW Sh CH NORW-90 Ferndel Fun at Inu-Goya H
Weslave Wild Saffron H
INT&FIN&EST CH ESTW-98 Rocbee Victoria Cross C FIN CH Rocbee Private Soldier A FIN CH Amityvill´s Tuneful Fox X*
INT&FIN&EST CH ESTW-97 Rocbee Made in Gruvsta A2
EuJW-91 Rocbee Quibble Dibble B FIN CH Twist and Swoop C1
INT&FIN&NORW CH Sprightly Ruby Red X*

Kirsti has produced three litters


Kirsti is the little princess of our dog family, very gentle and kind, beloved and loving, even as her own dams Tyyne's favourite "baby" as her mistresses "little" lap dog. And as usual, a dear child has many names, and also Kirsti has plenty of them...Kirsti, Kippana, Misti, Missu and Misu are mostly used of them.

Kirsti has produced 2 litters so far, Dirlian P-litter was a result from her hot romance with Mr Aku in bitter cold of -30° Celsius in Joensuu at New Year 2002, and Dirlian Q-litter with swedish gentleman Dante. Her last litter was born at November 2005, as lucky result of dating Nuusku at Iisalmi. Kirsti has taken care of all her puppies with excellent energy and enthusiasm, she already had practiced puppy care before she got her own puppies with our O-litter, taking care with her little brothers and sisters with mother Tyyne.

As a every self-respecting Welsh, also Kirsti has her own "idiosyncratics". For example she's enjoying some kind of fame in our neighbourhood because of her love to ball games. Kirsti loves balls, not so much about throwing or fetching them, but carrying them with her in turn inside and outside. Expecially important to Kirsti are balls which are squeaking oh so lovely. If there's somebody walking in the road which goes beside our homeyard, fetches Kirsti one of her balls (She has already a quite remarkable collection) and goes with the walker beside the fench and squeakes her dear ball.

Kirsti is also very capable in bluffing. If our sofa is over populated and there's definitely no room for one little princess Kirsti, creeps Kirsti slowly to the another end of the house and raises there such a noise that you'll might think there's at least a bear in our garden. This works again and again, the sofa is emptying quickly when the other dog folk is running to the end window barking the horrible monster that doesn't exist. Meanwhile Kirsti tiptoes cutely back to the sofa, and I'll bet if she could talk, she would be saying innocently " oh dear oh dear, the sofa seems to be free", then she jumps to the sofa, lies down and sighs deep looking very satisfied to herself.

Kirsti Kirsti