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INT, FIN&EST MVA EST-V-02 Dirlian Moonlight Molly "Veera"

1.6.1997 - 27.9.2006

Hips: C
Eyes: not checked

3 x CC (Finland
CC (Estonia)
CACIB (Finland)
CACIB (Estonia)
2 x BOB
4 x BOS

Approved working test

Owner Maarit Ruotsalainen, Kaarenkylä



FIN CH Don´s On Track A NORDW-95,W-93 Don´s Thunderstorm H Dalati Sant H
Weslave Winter Breeze H
Beradene the Winter Breeze H Mountain Laurel of Haregate
Beradene the Tawny Owl
INT&FIN&EST CH ESTW-98 Rocbee Victoria Cross C FIN CH Rocbee Private Soldier A FIN CH Amityvill´s Tuneful Fox X*
INT&FIN&EST CH ESTW-97 Rocbee Made in Gruvsta A2
EuJW-91 Rocbee Quibble Dibble B FIN CH Twist and Swoop C1
INT&FIN&NORW CH Sprightly Ruby Red X*

Veera was my real "hobby dog" so far , she had a greatest eagerness to pleasure her mistress, so her training was quite easy. If we only have had more time from all this dog hobby and another life, the obedience would have been Veera's "own" sport. Still Veera's eagerness to pleasure me was an great advantage even in shows, and it have been definitively Veera from all my dogs who had been enjoyed most of the shows, so showing her was always a pleasure. Veera retired from the showrings at the summer 2003 when a quite large tumor was found from her another kidney, happily Veera recovered from that large surgery extremely fast and didn't showed any symptoms about new tumors until at September 2006 all went very fast, and we had to say goodbye to this expecially beloved and important member of the family.

Veera was very happy creature by her nature. For those she was already familiar with, she was almost intrusively lovable and friendly, towards strangers she was a little bit reserved at first, but when you had to get known Veera, there was no limits of her affection and friendliness. That's why she was often called with nickname "Veera-Ystävä" (Veera-Friend). Veera should have had called as a sofa champion as well, she had almost supernatural capabilites to pack herself to our little sofa, no matter how small corner it is. There was always room for one little Miss Veera... She was a lovable creature, and very dearly missed..

Veera pentuna

Veera at midsummer 1997
© Kai Lindqvist