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News 2007


Happy new year!

When thinking the year soon gone past, I can remember many happy and nice moments but also a couple of sad ones. I had not have to think twice when deciding the highlights of the year, with no doubt they are the kennel reunion/10th anniversary in June and Kerttu's arrival to our team at September. There's also many nice show and test reulst for the year, for example 2 new Int Ch's... Some hips were x-rayed and eyes checked... I have once again say thanks to all active puppybyers, I hope we'll meet again at the same circles also next year.

I, Kirsti and Kerttu wish all to you have

A very happy and succesful new year 2008!




Another new hip score

Also another member of our S-litter, Viivi aka Dirlian Sweet Surprise got her hips x-rayed, the score is available now and it is B/B.


Some news

Rosa aka Dirlian Scrambling Rose (Standard-bearer Neptunus - Dirlian Nice Surprise) is x-rayed lately and her hips are B/C.

The confirmation of Mikki's INT CH title has arrived from FCI, so he's now officially INT&FIN&EST CH Dirlian Quack Quack.


Winner -07 Show

Today it was time of our annual Finnish Winner Show, which is also used to be the end of the show year. 46 Welsh Springers entered, Mr Mikael Tranholm from Denmark was invited to judge the breed this time. Our representative in the ring at this year was Mikki aka Fin&Est Ch Dirlian Quack Quack. Mikki entered to the champion class, got excellent in quality and placement 3rd in class. Mikki continued to best male class and placed finally 4th. Well done Mikki!


Rosa sent her regards

I get nice emails now and then , greetings and photos from "puppies" I've bred. This time it was Rosa aka Dirlian Scrambling Rose who send her regards, Rosa lives in Suomussalmi with Keränen family. The photos tell that Rosa is a keen swimmer and likes fetching, and it seems that gamebirds has found.

Rosa Rosa

© H. Keränen


Happy birthday

It's incredible how the time flies, it's again time to send birthday greetings to members of our R & S-litters. The R-litter already filled 3 years ysterday, S-litter is celebrating their 2nd anniversary today. Happy birthday to all of you!

More show news

I got more show results of the weekend today. Nasu ( Multi Ch Dirlian Officially Olga) enterd to another Int Ch Show at Minsk on Sunday and got result CC, cacib and BOB. According the mobile message it seems that Nasu also placed in the group final to the unofficial 5th place. Congratulations again, Nasu and folks!


A new INT CH!

Good news from Belarus, Nasu aka Multi Ch Dirlian Officially Olga travelled all the long way to Minsk to enter two Int Ch Shows during this weekend, accompanied by Suvi, Lea and their English Springers. On the show of Saturday Nasu won CC and cacib , so she may now add the new titles Int & Blr Ch among the others she already has. Mobile messages told also about good success with English Springers at the breed and groupfinal, so a very big congratulations to Suvi and all the Lindholm family! Todays results hasn't arrived yet, but we'll hear them at least then when the travellers are back at home again.


Lahti group show

The show year is soon at it's final, but there's still a couple of them to go... Today we entered to Lahti group show, is there any other ways to spend All Saints Day for dog people I wonder..? Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess entered after a little show break, Tuuli won the working class with ecellent and placed finally 4th at best bitch competition. I had also Riina aka Dirlian Rhian of Wales with me, unfortunately it became just a tourist trip for her as she was limping at the show ground so it was no sense to take her to the ring. 16 wss entered and Mr Jouko Leiviskä were judging.

Just news

After a one quiet year living just one Welsh, Kirsti, at the house, it is so fun to have that sweet and sometimes very wild little welsh whirlwind with us. Kirsti faced soon the fact the Kerttu is one of us, and it seems the old lady of the house has a soft spot for that little girl, it even seems that Kirsti takes care of Kerttu like she's her own puppy. Kerttu adores Kirsti and follows her everywhere, I also think she's also learned a lot from her. They are so fun couple those two and I've had so fun watching them together. I think Kerttu has grown up nicely fo far and it's exciting to wait and see how our little sunshine is developing in future.


Agility news

Uffe aka Fin Ch Dirlian Offspring and his owner Terhi are doing comeback to agility courses after a maternity leave. Today those two entered to agility competion at Pieksämäki with result course fault 0, time fault -6.81 , and with this result they finally won the whole class! Well done, Uffe and Terhi!


Porvoo show

On Saturday we spent a nice and sunny day at Porvoo all breeds show. It is quite a luxury to have once a year a show so near home! This time 15 WSS entered to this show and Mr Ernesto Capra from Italy was invited to judge the breed. Nanouh aka Fin Ch Dirlian Quite Nice enterd to her first show in this year, and did it quite nicely, winning the best bitch competition and BOS! Congrats once again to Nanouh and Marko! Also three members of our R-litter entered, the brothers D. Rhisiart Lion (EXC/2) and D. Rhett Butler (VG/3) and their sister D. Rhian Of Wales (EXC/3). Also our breeders group were shown, with result 2nd and hp. Thanks again to all concerned for the fun day and to Niina and Minna for their help showing the dogs.

Kerttu begins to feel at home

Kerttu Isabella Ruotsalainen aka Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian is a very kind and funny puppy and seems to already feel at home with us. Kerttu explores anxiously everything new what comes ahead and on Friday she had expecially fun evening when first Riina came to spend a night wit us, and then Nanouh did a visit. It was very fun to have someone here to play with, the old lady of the house, Kirsti, tries desperately to save her dignity and doesn't play so much with her. Despite of that, those too are already inseparable pair, and Kerttu is following Kirsti to everywhere.

Kirsti ja Kerttu

Girls on watch at our gate


Kerttu joined our team

This was the weekend I had been anxioulsy waiting for. On Saturday evening I drive with my friend Niina to Turku where wiwe took a ferry to Åland Islands for att bring home a new member of our team and a companion to my Kirsti. On Sunday morning it was finally time to meet Malin and the puppies at Kennel Eastfarm's. It isn't ever easy to choice, but it was finally quite clear who will be leaving home with us. "So " Kerttu", aka Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian (sire: Vindhäxan's Little Big Mna dam: Eastfarm's East Of Eden) joined to our team. It was again a long way home, but this little girl travelled all the way so fine, charmed lots of people at M/s Isabella and slept most of the time at car. Also meeting with Kirsti went nicely, so now we all have to use to our new life together. Thousends of thanks again for Malin for this lovely little girl I already love so much!


Farewell to Åland


Kerttu and her happy owner at the windy deck of M/s Isabella


Sunny weekend

A sunny and fun weekend full of dog hobby is behind. At Saturday we entered to field test needed for Sh Ch title at forests of Oitti. Maybe so called ordinary people had spent a hot and sunny day somewhere else than at the deepest forest... Brothers D. Rhett Butler & D. Rhisiart Lion and D. Sevent Heaven entered, they all took part to the group which were judged by Mrs Johanna Söderholm. This time only Rhett got the result approved, Riku is still tracking a little bit too slowly, and Senni needs some practice what comes to her swimming. But we don't give up, because it went so close, and we'll try again later on when both of them has got some more experience. After a long and swetty day at test I curved home (thanks once again to Simo and Katja for fetching Senni from Hyvinkää) and continued almost straight away to Kotka, where I spent the night (thanks for hospitality to Outi and Markku).

At five o'clock in the morning we ( Suvi and me) packed the van full of dogs and started our travel to Joensuu Int Ch Show. With us we had welshies "Kirsti" (D. Nice Surprise), "Nasu" (D. Officially Olga) and "Tuuli" (D. True Princess) and Suvi's english springers "Brutus" (Ocean Pitfal Baeddan Boar) and "Lucy" ( Op. Damhnait Fawn). Very funny indeed, the famous let's get lost twins did it again, at least 20 km extra curves seems to be a tradition. I quess we should watch the road signs more and talk less, and in this case some wss-breeder who's name we don't mention, had previously been at the same place... But we were at the show area and Ess ring early enough. And it went not bad for our Ess travellers, as little Lucy won BOS!
Then it was time to move our camp by the Wss ring, 15 Wss were announced, Mr Fernando Madeira judged. Our "old ladies" made their way to the best bitch competition, Nasu placed 2nd winning res-cacib, Kirsti came straigh after and took 3rd placement. Kirsti entered to the veteran class, being the first Dirlian ever at the veteran classes and competed for BOB-veteran with her "first love" (sire of our P-litter) Aku (Milfeddyg Diaros, and placed finally BOS-veteran. Tuuli got result VG/1 today. Soon after Wss ring was ready, we packed our gang to the van again and started our way back to Kotka. Because of the very hot day we first took the dogs swimming to the lake beside the show ground, no doubt this was the highlight of the day, if asked the dogs! Thanks again to Suvi for the nice company, let's get lost again!


A new CC winner

Dirlian Rhett Butler entered to Puumala Group show today . Mrs Hannele Jokisilta judged, 10 WSS entered. Rhett showed himself finally to the placement Best male 2nd, and took his first CC. Well done! Congrats to Risto, Maija-Liisa and of course Mr Butler himself!


A new INT CH!

Today we could celebrate a new Int Ch! Mikki aka FIN&EST CH Dirlian Quack Quack entered to Karjaa Int Ch Show winning first the best male class taking that one CACIB missing of his INT CH title. Judge Mr Hans v d Berg choose Mikki also to win BOB, and at the group finals this same judge placed Mikki nicely to Group 3rd! I had to give a big credit to Mikki that he showed himself better and better during this very hot and exhausting day. A big congrats to Mikki's homefolks Hanna and Pasi, and many thanks that I may have this lovely boy to shows with me.


New Int Ch and his trophies. Mikki wanted to be photographed with
his great love he shares with his mam Kirsti..the quacking
rubberduck. He's really worth of his name, this Mr Quack Quack.


Sad news

Very sad news from yesterday: It was time to let Misty aka Dirlian Miss Melody to go to meet her friend Seri and her already deceaced mother and sisters to the place where you can play all the time, water is always nicely warm to swim, and chubby ducks drops down from the sky by themselves.
Misty was the first puppy ever who moved to her own home from us, so this feels very very sad. Luckily I was lucky to meet sweet Misty lately at our kennel reunion and see once again, how much she at elderly ages looked more and more like her mother, my unforgettable Tyyne. Thanks for all these years to Misty's family, Misty couldn't have had better home as she had.


Midsummer greetings to all of you from Kennel Dirlian

It seems that getting the photos of our kennel reunion to internet is almost impossible. This time we can claim the finnish postal service which seems to have lost that cd containing those photos, the envelope sent on Monday seems to disappear somewhere. Now Suvi burned and sent me a double copy of it, so hopefully I'll get it (and maybe even the original one) on Monday. Just incredible luck with this!

I got some happy puppy news also from Lappeenranta yesterday. "Mikki" aka FIN&EST CH Dirlian Quack Quack has got a good sized 10 pups litter with "Jasmin" aka INT CH Milfeddyg Geneth. Good luck to all those little ones!


Dirlian reunion weekend

We spent a absolutely fun weekend at the Club house of our local Spaniel Club, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Kennel Dirlian and the signs of family reunion. Total of 24 Dirlians did a visit during the weekend, so we can say that about 50% of Dirlians still alive came to meet their very happy breeder. It was so lovely to meet them all, expecially them I had met last time 6-8 years ago! On Saturday which we spent practising for the working test there wasn't so many at the place but on Sunday at the time of "official" 10th anniversary party there was 20 Dirlians playing at the yard strengthened by two sires and three representatives of the other breeds. 41 humans came to party with the dogs. Between lunch and coffee serving we had also two playful games, the Kennel Championships in "obedience" and agility.
All seemed to enjoy their stay watching how fun the dog folks had running together and meeting the homefolks of the littermates and other relatives of their dogs. One gentleman who had no dog at all himself and was just a chauffeur for one of the Dirlians, told me that he had just been at their own family reunion which has been very fun event but this family reunion of the dogs was maybe even more funnier...


Mamas Kirsti and Maija ready to party
(Fin&Rus Ch Dirlian Nice Surprise & Dirlian Open Secret)

A part of the reception committee
© Suvi Lindholm

Red and white colours everywhere (and the flat coated Indy)
© Suvi Lindholm

It was so lovely warm and sunny weekend
© Suvi Lindholm

Photos from the weekend

Lauantai ->
Sunnuntai ->
Paikalla olleet kasvatit ->


Kennel Dirlian 10 years

Exactly 10 years ago was born our first litter, the M-litter, so we can say, that not only M-puppies but also Kennel Dirlian is celebrating that 10th anniversary today. I can remember that happy day so clearly, that was one of the dreams come true for me. Sadly not all of those M-pups aren't any more celebrating their anniversary with us, but I wish a happy birthday and still many good years to them who are still going strong and bringing joy to their happy owners.

I' glad I'll meet a couple of M-puppies and many other Dirlians next weekend at our family reunion! I'm waiting that weekend already so anxiously, fantastic that so many of you is coming to meet us. See you all soon!

Kesällä 1997

June 1997


Springer Club Specialty

Yesterday we spent whole day at annual Springer Spaniel Club Specialty at Karkku. Mr Stephen Pick, Kennel Llon, was invited to judge in the WSS ring at this time. Total 83 WSS entered and five of them were Dirlians. This time we can claim that the result were quite equal... Two males entered, first D. Rhisiart Lion to open class with result EXC/4. Fin&Est Ch Dirlian Quack Quack entered to champion class with exactly same result, Mikki was also chosen to the unofficial best head and best movement competition. Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess entered to juniors with result EXC. Senni aka D. Sevent Heaven entered to the intermediate class, she was that typical merry and happy Senni whole day at he show groud, but in the ring while watching her teeth she got some funny shyness fit and so the result was "very good". Otherwise the judge seems to be liked about Senni too, and said at her critique "I hope she will get more confidence because she's worth of it". So I hope we'll find again that mysteriosly disappeared selfconfidence to the next show. Riina aka D. Rhian of Wales was last to enter, and the result was again that already familiar EXC/4. Also our breeders group were shown, consisting Mikki, Riku, Tuuli and Riina.

The critique of our breeders class:
"Compact dogs, stronger in head, well angulated, good toplines, excellent feet."

So one of the years most awaited shows is behind, awfully long day again, but we had fun (thanks to all concerned) even if it first rained a couple of times and the sky cleared, what seems to be official Karkku weather. After all that official classes our team (Mikki, Riina, Kirsti, Niina and Maarit) entered also to the traditional fancy dress competition and our gang from Sherwood placed finally 2nd.

More fancy dress photos ->
Sherwoodin väkeä

Our gang from Sherwood
© Suvi Lindholm


New health examination results

Some new hip results just came from the Finnish Kennel Club; Dirlian True Princess A/A, Dirlian Seventh Heaven D/C. Both Tuuli's and Senni's eyes were also checked at the same visit to the Vet's and both of the girls are Ok.


About Dirlian reunion in June

Today I have sent email about our "family reunion" to all my puppy buyers who's contact infos I could find, and also sent text messeges about the adresses to those whos mobile numbers I have. Later on this weekend I'll also send a couple of letters to those last ones I have only home adresses or numbers. So watch out your (e)mail, and if you don't get any at least next week, please contact me.
I hope I'll meet as many as possible of you in June!



April is a real "party season" of Kennel Dirlian, alltogether 3 litters is celebrating their bitrhdays during this month. N-litter did already celebrate, but today is time for our T-triplet, Tiku, Taku and Tuuli to party their first anniversaire. Have a nice birthday! On Saturday is time to party again, our Q-litter is having their 4th birthday parties, so congratulations Mikki, Kassu, Hugo, Tatu, Ronja and Nanouh!

Hugo 4v.

"I think I can manage this without help, thank you."
"Hugo" aka Dirlian Quarter Note opening his exciting birthday present.


The first CC for Tuuli

I just get a phonecall and received the good results from Rautjärvi group show. All together 9 WSS entered. Mrs Elena Rsuskovaara were judging. One of them were out little Miss Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess. Tuuli got excellent from quality and placed finally as best bitch 2nd and took her first CC. Congratulations to Tuuli, Suvi (who had not bad day at all entering also to ESS ring) and the homefolks!


Tuuli at Sipoo group show last weekend


N-litter celebrating

The time really flies, and fast, it's time to celebrate the 8th anniversary of our N-pups. So congratulations to you all, I hope you alla have many good years still ahead!

Sipoo group show

This was one of the first lovely summerlike days in this spring, so sunny and warm, and I spend it nicely at Sipoo group show with some of my dogs and friends. Total 23 WSS were entering, Mr Markku Santamäki did the judging. Two of Dirlian enterd to this show, Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess took part to the large junior class with result "very good". Senni aka Dirlian Sevent Heaven entered to intermediate class, got "Excellent" and placed finally as best bitch 4th. So not so bad way to spend a day outdoors.


Some thoughts and plans

A long time since last updates, the beginning of the year seems to be busy and full of all kinds of work etc. A quite quiet period this has been at the "dog front", but even the show season is just starting, and we're already waiting it anxiously. Riina (Dirlian Rhian Of Wales) is having her season right now and since the end of the year I have made and made this desicion not to mate her until her next season (hopefully) actual in October-November 2007. I kept a little option to mate her from this season if she had let us wait it until summer, but because she started her season in time, we'll wait in peace ad keep dreaming about the puppies :). At least I have more time to consider that Mr Right for her.
We're already planning anxiously our family reunion in June. I hope many Dirlian dogs with their owners have possibility to enter.


Turku Int Ch show

"Tuuli" aka Dirlian True Princess filled 9 month yesterday and so she could enter first time to junior class today at Turku Int Ch Show. 24 WSS entered, Mrs Elsbeth Clerc from Switzerland did the judging. And we have to say that our little Tuuli did her debute to official classes with great style, winning first her class with excellent and taking finally the placement Best bitch-2! Tuuli also got a res-CC. Congratulations once again to Princess Tuuli and her homefolks!

Tuuli's critique:
Promising 9 months old bitch. Feminine head & expression. Excellent neck. Excellent angulation. Well developed in body. Good coat for her age. Moves & shows well.

Also "Lyyli" aka Dirlian September Spell entered to ring today. Unfortunately a large fair centre with all it's excitiment confused Lyyli a little bit too much, she got otherwise a nice critique, but her confuseness drop the grade to "good". Many thanks to Anu for coming to Turku and making possible for me to meet Lyyli first time after puppytimes!


A new link

I spend a couple of evenings making new homepage to my friend. You'll find them here.


Happy New Year

We wish a very happy and active new year to all Dirlian WSS, their families and friends. I'm sure I'll be in contact with many of you also in this year.

The first bigger Dirlian reunion will be held at May 2007 and I hope so many as possible of you will be at place in our "family meeting" at least on Sunday! We already has many plans for this weekend, the "organization committee" has already sat down first time :). I'm sure that all will be very fun.

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