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News 2008


From all of us , to all of you...



A new hip result

Kerttu's (Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian) hip result is now visible at Kennel Club's database, and what's great, our little girl has A/A hips!


The first snow

It snowed first time in this winter at the end of the week and my dogs, especially Kerttu youngster of course, are enjoying about that white cold stuff so much. Since our morning walk today ( when I took the pictures above) it has snowed all the day, so all the landscape is covered with now.


A confirmation of INT CH title

Nasu aka Dirlian Officially won her last missing cacib for INT CH title exactly year ago (17.11.2007) at Minsk, Belarus. Finally the confirmation of her INT CH title is arrived from FCI. So Nasu is now officially INT & FIN & NOR & RUS & EST & LTU & LV & BALT & BLR CH.

INT & FIN & NOR & RUS & EST & LTU & LV & BALT & BLR CH Dirlian Officially Olga

A new health examination result

Kerttu aka Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian had her eyes checked yesterday, and her eyes are bright and clear. Also Kerttu's hips were x-rayed at the same time, and we just have to wait until the result arrives from Kennel Club.


The most beautiful dog of Central Finland

There's a vote for the most beautiful dog of Central Finland going on at the newspaper Keskisuomalainen website. The 10 finalists are selected from over 1000 photographs the readers have sent, and one of those finalists is Lyyli aka Dirlian September Spell. You can see Lyyli's photo at newpaper's website , the most beautiful Lyyli of Central Finland is the candidate number 4. Good luck to voting for Lyyli!


Some news of the autumn

The autumn seems to be here, the leaves are falling, it is rainig regularly and maybe the vinter is soon here too. The time runs by fast, with dog hobbies and all the work at the garden. Last week we had a recreation day at work, and I took both of the dogs with me. It was really nice day for Kirsti and Kerttu, they run free at the beach cliffs all the day and even swam many times. Well, the sea water might be really refreshing in October. Some photos from Wednesday:

Spaniel Club show 19.10.2008

Yesterday was time of the annual Spaniel Club show, our former specialty show, which at this year was just a normal group show among others because the Springer Spaniel Club in now an own breed organization and not a member of Spaniel Club any more. After Kerttu decided to drop most of her coat and was left home to grow it back, I had only Senni aka D. Seventh Heaven with me. Unfortunately Senni moved at the ring some kind of weirdly, even in her critique is said "doing something a little strange from behind today" . She got the result VG/4 though.

I also met in Hyvinkää young "Osku" aka Milfeddyg Oferedd, out of combination INT&FIN&EST CH Dirlian Quack Quack and INT&FIN CH Milfeddyg Geneth. I think this son has much common with his father.

Milfeddyg Oferedd
(INT&FIN&EST CH Dirlian Quack Quack - INT&FIN CH Milfeddyg Geneth)


Hyvinkää group show

Today Kerttu aka Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian entered to Hyvinkää group show. We had no great hopes of success because both of my dogs lost their coats lately. And there's no swimming suit rounds at the dog shows... But despite of lacking coat our little "Miss Bikini" did well, being finally BB-2 with res-CC. As you can quess, the missing coat was mentioned in her critique...:) The judge was Mrs Saija Juutilainen, 9 WSS entered. I think now Kerttu-baby may stay home for a while, to mature and do all other funny hobbies, I hope that her missing coat appears some day...


In memoriam
"Amos" Dirlian Never Mind

Many thanks to Marja-Leena and Vesa for making such a loving home to smallest member of our N-litter.


A new champion

The autumn is always busy time at the dog show frontier, so of course we had to enter again to one show in this weekend, Helsinki all breeds show. The duo Rhett aka D. Rhett Buttler and Senni aka D. Seventh Heaven was announced again, Mrs Ann-Christin Johansson from Sweden were judging at the WSS ring. At the best male competition Rhett placed finally 3rd, and took his last missing CC, and because he also has the needed field test result from the last summer, this means he has now the title FIN CH. Also Senni did well, winning open class bitches with exellent. A big congrats to new CH and his homefolks! Also good luck to Rhett and Risto to all the hunting trips of the season, I hope there's going to drop a lot of fat birds from the sky...

Rhett and his happy breeder


Luumäki group show

Senni aka D. Sevent Heaven continues her good show performances of this summer. The show today in Luumäki was number 3 in this year, this time Senni got result 2nd best bitch and res-CC. Mrs Elena Ruskovaara judged the breed, 14 WSS entered.


Porvoo group show

A nice day at Porvoo groups show is behind. First of all, it is pure luxury that the show is at own hometown, not much more as 10 kms from us, and the judging happens at the afternoon... 3 of Dirlians were announced, Rhett (D. Rhett Butler) and the girls Lulu (D. Rhiannon Beauty) and Senni (D. Seventh Heaven). The judge was Mrs Tina Súlce from Latvia. Also the weather was just perfect, not too cold or too hot, and the succes wasn't either too bad today. Rhett won first the best male class, took his 2nd CC and won finally BOB. Senni took also CC, won the bitches and placed finally BOS. Also Lulu, who did her debute to showrings, did it well, she showed her beautifully and got placement EXC/4. Thanks for a very fun day and good company to Susanna, Jessika, Maikku and Risto (and all other friends who came to say hello at the showplace :)) and congrats to Rhett's and Senni's homefolks for the CC's etc!


Tuuli Baltw-08

"Tuuli" aka Dirlian True Princess travelled all the way to Vilnius and entered to two Int Ch Shows of the weekend. On Friday Tuuli got result VG/1, Mrs Rita Skadike-Kadina judging the breed. On Saturday Tuuli entered to Baltic Winner show, winning BOB and taking CC, cacib and BaltW-08 title. Mrs Kirsi Nieminen were judging on Saturday. Congrats to Tuuli and all her team!


Tuuli at Vilnius
© Suvi Lindholm

Field test at Oitti

We spend a nice summerday at Oitti on Saturday, entering to field test needed for Sh Ch title. "Taku" aka Dirlian Tailwind Sail and my own bitches "Senni", Dirlian Seventh Heaven and "Kerttu", Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian entered to the test. Taku showed that kind of working abilities that got the test approved, Senni and Kerttu should do some things better so they did not pass the test. So we'll try again next year with both of the girls. Thanks to Päivi, Jon and of course Taku for a nice day at Oitti and congrats for passed test!


New hip scores

The rest of the hip scores of the dogs x-rayed at June has finally arrived from Kennel Club. Tiku aka Dirlian Team Spirit has A/A hips, Kamu aka Dirlian Samwise Gamgee has result D/D. The first time in history the whole our litter is x-rayed and even if our T- litter (Team Spirit, Tailwind Sail & True Princess) isn't very huge, I am very happy about the fact that they all have A/A hips.


Kerttu 1 year

The time really flies, on Thursday celebrated our little "Kerttuli" aka Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian her first birthday. Yesterday at the Lammi show we took a birthday potrait of her:


Kerttu 1 year
© Suvi Lindholm

I have to say that Kerttu has already been really worth of her name, she's brought so much joy and happiness to us. Thank you so much (again) to Malin that we got this lovely and funny little girl with us!


In memoriam
"Teuvo" Dirlian Mighty Man

Sad but maybe not so unsurprising news from today. Teuvo has been in various conditions during the last months, so today it was time to say good bye to Teuvo and let him go to meet his mom-Tyyne, sister Veera and other late friends to the place where you can catch and carry the real squirrels instead having to satisfy to the fake ones.
This feels very sad for several reasons, there's only a couple of the members of my first litter left to bring happiness to their owners. Because Teuvo was owned by my good friend Niina, he almost like a own dog for me as he spent so much time with us. Teuvo was Teuvo, some kind of individual, in a very funny and immemorable way "teuvoistic" from the whelping box to his end. Many thanks to Niina , you took so good care of him, thanks also for all those years gone by.


Pärnun Int show

We did a nice trip to Estonia this weekend. My childhood friend Minni wanted to enter to Pärnu Int Ch show with her kleinspitzes Taimi and Aino, and started to tempt me during the spring, and what wouldn't you do in the name of a very old friendship. When we succeed to tempt another Terhi with us to share expences, I was ready to announce "Senni" aka D. Seventh Heaven and "Kerttu" aka Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian to the show, because travelling abroad without dogs is something very very weird? So very early at the Friday morning when Minni arrived, we did some kind of world record of packing stuff to my Nissan, then picked up Terhi and her Jack Russell terrier Oona during the route and then drove to harbour and M/s Tallink Star. The trip accross the Finnish Gulf went fast and we were at our guesthouse in Nõmme already at 10 o'clock in the morning. So we had to spent the rest of the day somehow, it went very nicely taking dogs for a walks, doing shoppin tour to the city of Tallinn and spending the rest of the beautiful summer evening sitting at the terrace of our guesthouse.
At Saturday we had once again a very early wakening, we had decided to be at Pärnu in good time that we'll have our tent ready when the promised rain starts etc. You see the estonian weather forecasts have promised a quite cloudy and rainy weather for Saturday and of course we had reserved like leaving to explore the North Pole. But the gods of the weather are sometimes very capricious, and it would have been better to have clothes for a sunny summer day instead all those goretexes...
8 WSS were announced, 5 of them were bitches. Mr Jukka Kuusisto from Finland was judging the breed. First competed Kerttu at junior class, winning the class with EXC and taking the jun-CC and because there was no junior males also straightly BOB-junior. Senni won the open class, and finally also the best bitch competion, taking CC and cacib and BOS. Kerttu's final placement were 2nd best bitch, straight after Senni. Kerttu was handled at the best bitch ring by owner of the BOB-male, many thanks for help to her! Also other members of our gang did fine. Jack Russell Oona (Tsarodej Jack Olivia) won BOS & cacib, Aino (Tirhan Supergirl) won also BOB-junior and took the placement BB-2, just before her mom Taimi (Tirhan Fleur) (BB-3 and res-cacib) . In this time of the day the sky started to look like those promised rains might maybe even come true so we decided that we won't wait and stay until the junior group competion starts, packed our camp and left back towards Tallinn. And quite a heavy rain we got during we drove back to Tallinn.
When we had walked and feeded the dogs, they stayed satisfied at our room when we left to find some food also to hungry ourselves, only Aino has always something heavy to say against leaving alone. We did also some more necessary shopping (we found for ex a pet store...), without a clear idea how we'll get all those fit to car next morning...When we were back at our room once again the humans watched the estonian Idols entrances for a while but the dogs slept all to their favourite places, Miss Senni Hilton had her own spare bed near the door.
At the morning we did a new world record of packing Nissan and were even at the harbour in good time. This time it was Oona's turn to enjoy about luxury and travel during the ferry trip sitting in the drivers bench because her cage was full of something else. All the dog folks travelled again so fine, even enourrrrmysly big terrier Oona Hilton guarded creditably our Nissan. It was so fun to travel with such a crazy company, thanks Minni and Terhi and of course the dogs Taimi, Aino and Oona. Let's do this again some day!


Senni and her souvenirs from Estonia

A new hip score

Taku aka Dirlian Tailwind Sail was x-rayed at June, and his results has arrived now. Taku has A/A hips. Also Taku's brother Tiku and Kamu from my S-litter were x-rayed at the same day, but it seems their results are not available yet maybe because of the rushes at Kennel Club.


Summer vacation

My summer vacation strated at Midsummer so it's so fun to do all kind of nive things at home with assistance of the dogs. The loyal Kirsti is still keeping care that we don't sleep too much and wakes us all up at the usual time at the morning.

Our site was on a little brake and unseen during the midsummer because of the chancing of the server etc. It all went quite fast thanks to new operator, and everyhing shoud work again as usual. So I'll do more updates when I have something more interesting to tell, concentrating spending holiday on awhile.


Karkku Specialty

Yesterday was definitively one of the most awaited days of the year, the annual Springer Spaniel Club Specialty Show at Karkku. This time total 86 WSS were annonuced, Mrs Kath Morgan (Kennel Cwrt Afon) from the native land of the breed were invited as a judge. This year our team consisted of the males Int,Fin&Est Ch D. Quack Quack (Mikki) and D. Rhisiart Lion (Riku) and the bitches D. True Princess(Tuuli) and Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian (Kerttu). Mikki got EXC from the high quality champion class, Riku placed third with VG at a quite large open class. At junior bitches Kerttu did it fine and placed third with EXC, Tuuli got VG from open class. Of course we took apart also to the traditional fancy dress challenge competition, winning 2nd year on the row the second price.

Thanks again to all concerned for a very fun day, to family Linnamaa for being there with Riku, to Hanna that I got Mikki with me, to Niina abaout sharing the shame at the fancy dress competion and to Suvi for borrowing our secret weapon Brutus. This time we can't complain the weather, though the dogs were too lazy at the ring because of the heat and this breeder got as a souvenir the most horrible summer flu ever!

Greetings from Neverland
© Suvi Lindholm

New health examination results

A bunch of Dirlian dogs took apart to health examination occasion at May.The eye examination was done to the males D. Samwise Gamgee, D. Tailwind Sail and D. Team Spirit. All of the boys had good clear eyes. D. Tailwind Sail (Eastfarm's Blue Seven Seas-Dirlian Open Secret) and 7 yrs old D. Officially Olga(Llawen Kibitzer-Rocbee Victoria Cross) were also thyroid tested and both of them have normal thyroid function at the moment. All of the three boys were also x-rayed at the same time, so were only waiting for the final hip results from the Kennel Club soon.


Tuuli in Russia

Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess entered to Vyborg National Ch Show today. There's no Welshies at Russia (as far I know) so Tuuli was representing the red and white colours as the only WSS at the show. Tuuli showed her nicely and got a a local CC and BOB. Mr Belkin was judging the breed. Well done Tuuli and all concerned, Tuuli was travelling with a large gang of english cousins, congrats also to Suvi and Sanna for a great success at ESS ring!


CC for Kerttu

Kerttu aka Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian who just filled 9 mo. entered to her first junior class at Loviisa group show today. And it wasn't a bad debute at all, Kerttu took her first CC and placed BOS. 9 WSS entered today, the judge was Mrs Merja Ylhäinen.


A new hip score

Dirlian Quincy Bones aka "Tatu" has been x-rayed, his hips are C/C and elbows 0/0.


Greetings from Birmingham

A fun and interesting visit to Birmingham is now behind. We spent two days visiting Crufts taking closer look to english dog show world at NEC, the weekend we spent mainly at Birmingham city, shopping and sightseeing. The memory card of my camera in quite full, so I'll add photos I took after I had got them all fixed. It was a very fun trip, thanks for a nice company to Suvi, Lea and Niina!

Photos and results of WSS ->
Other photos (Text only in finnish) ->

A view to WSS ring, some of post graduate bitches

Niina, Lea and me outside of Bullring,
the local shopping paradise or hell, however you want to say.
© Suvi Lindholm


Kerttu BOB-puppy

Kerttu aka Eastfarms' Joy At Dirlian entered today to her first show, a puppy show at Helsinki. 4 WSS entered and Mrs Marja Kurittu judged. Our little Kerttu did it fine and started her show career winning the BOB-puppy. So this was not bad weekend at all for our little girls Kerttu and Tuuli!


CC for Tuuli

Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess entered to Kerimäki group show today, with result BB-1, CC and BOS. This time Mrs Kirsi Nieminen judged the breed. So Tuuli need only one more CC after she's had her 2nd anniversary to finish her Ch title. Big congrats to HRH Princess Tuuli and her homefolks!


© Suvi Lindholm


A New year and new news

It's time to create a new page for the news of year 2008. It's hard to believe that this is already the news page number 9 and it's so long time since I first put this site to the internet . It feels like it has happend last year... So much has happened, immemorable moments, mainly happy, excting or fun but also some sad ones. But life goes on, and let's see what the year 2008 brings for us...


Kirsti aka Fin&Rus Ch Dirlian Nice Surprise at a walk in forest

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