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News 2009




Helsinki Winner Shows

Once again one more show year has reached it's finals, with two Winner shows at Helsinki Fair centre. This time Kerttu aka Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian entered to both of them. On Saturday at FinW-09 show 41 Welsh Springers entered to the ring and Mr Rune Fagerström did the judging. Kerttu entered to a large and high quality champion class and placed finally 3rd in class. At best bitch class she was finally best bitch 4th.
On Sunday it was time for NordW-09 show, 39 WSS entering and Mr Luis Pinto Texeira from Portugal was judging. This time Kerttu got excellent from the champion class with no more placements, which was not bad at all, as the class was even more bigger as on Saturday.


Birthday greetings

Once again it is time to wonder how fast the time really goes by. Unbeliviable that our R-litter is celebrating their 5th anniversary today and our S-litter their 4 th anniversary tomorrow. Happy birthday to all; R-litter: Rhodri, Riku, Pate, Rhett, Riina, Lulu, Emmi & Inkku and S-litter: Remu, Kamu, Lyyli, Senni, Viivi & Roosa.


On the road again

Once again to pack ourselves on the road, this time towards 2 Int Ch shows at Tartu during the same weekend. As usual I had Kerttu with me, and my friend Minni her dogs Ulpu and Taimi. Early at the Friday morning we drove to a ferry, and after crossing the Finnish Gulf we still have a couple of hours drive to Tartu. The weather was not so good, it was snowing quite heavily but we were at Tartu in good time for a rest, do some shopping and prepare for the shows.
On Saturday at the show nr 1, 14 WSS entered as Mr Jouko Leiviskä judged. Kerttu won open class bitches and entered to CC/CACIB class taking res-CACIB. Unfortunately we missed the best bitch ring, as I thought that CC/CACIB class already was it so Kerttu did not get any best bitch class placement. It was mainly my own fault, I am well aware about estonian show rules but I had so bad migraine and could't think properly I quess. But Kerttu got so great critique that it was a good day after all.
On Sunday it was time for the show nr 2. This time Mrs Lidija Oklescen from Slovenia judged and all the same dogs as on Saturday entered again. Kerttu was already quite tired for all that travelling that hardly wiped her tail even the owner felt much better. But it seems Kerttu showed her well after all, as she placed finally as BOS, taking CC and CACIB and has now a brand new title, EE CH! So we could happily pack ourselves again to my car and start driving back home, and such a exciting way it was, about 50 kms from Tallinn we phoned to Tallink Lines and succeed to get our tickets changed to a earlier ferry. So we got a great hurry, we had about 30 mins time to be at the harbour, but we did it. It was super nice to be at home before midnight, thanks for that earlier ferry.

Once again it was a super fun trip, thanks to Minni for a great company and to my parents and Niina for taking care of my other dogs. Kukka even entered to Helsinki puppy show on Sunday with Niina, Kukka seems to have so fun at the show with some other puppies. Kukka placed 2nd in her class without hp, the judge (Mrs Eeva Anttinen) did not like so much about her coat which really is chancing and looking not so good and shineless in this moment. So this might be her last puppy show, my little freckleface may stay home now and enter to the ring some day in next year.


Novices "on fire"

Once again nice news to be told. In this weekend two novices entered to their first time ever competitions. First on Saturday Viivi aka Dirlian Sweet Surprise entered to her first hunting test at Elimäki. Viivi got 79 points and 3rd prize in open class, and as I heard, 2nd prize was not far away... Congrats to Viivi and Jarno, a nice result and opening of the career!

Today Kukka aka Eastfarm's Magnolia entered to her first puppy show at Kotka. Only one WSS puppy entered, my little Kukka, but she did it well. First being BOB puppy and then in the group finals taking BIG-4 placement! Mrs Reia Leikola-Walden judged both the breed and the group.

Viivin tuliaiset

Viivi and her souvenirs from Elimäki
© J. Tiihonen


Kukka BIG-4 puppy at Kotka
© S. Lindholm



We had a lovely weekend at Åland Islands. Early on Saturday morning I drove with Kerttu to pick up my friend Minni and her dogs Ulpu and Aino and then with "full speed" towards Turku harbour. All the way to Åland we spent first eating breakfast and then sleeping at our cabin. We did only some shopping at Mariehamn and drove then direct to our cottage were we spent rest of the day enjoying the nature, taking sauna bath, swimming and sitting at the fire. The weather was so great, sunny and warm, almost like in the summer.
On Sunday it was time to enter to Eckerö Int Show. 19 WSS entered, Mrs Inga Siil judged and Kerttu placed nicely as BB-4. Kerttu took part also to Kennel Eastfarms' breeders class which placed finally BIS-2.
After a long day at the show it was nice to drove back to the cottage and take sauna and swim again. On Monday morning we slowly packed, said farewell to our cottage and drove towards Mariehamn and the harbour. At our cabin was 3 exhausted dogs who just slept slept and slept all the way to Turku. This was just a perfect little vacation, thanks to all concerned!


The travellers Aino, Ulpu & Kerttu


Porvoo show

Yesterday Kerttu aka FI CH Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian entered to Porvoo all breeds show, which is arranged annually at our home town. And what a lovely day it was, enjoying about sunshine and good company, and everything was crowned by Kerttu's BOB win!


A new champion

Today Kerttu aka Estfarm's Joy at Dirlian entered to another field test (needed for Ch title) at Heinola. It seems that two weeks and hard practise is rewardable, because Kerttu passed the test this time and has the title FI CH now!


Kerttu at Kouvola show


Kouvola & Heinola

Two all breeds shows in this weekend. First on Saturday in Kouvola, Kerttu (Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian) and Tuuli (Dirlian True Princess) entered. Kerttu entered first time to open class, and much more better it couldn't go! Kerttu placed finally as BB-3 & BOS and took her last CC. No she need only a approved working ability test to gain the title of Fin Ch. Tuuli's result was VG /4. Mr Paolo Dondina from Italy judged all the 28 WSS.

When we lazy ones stayed home, entered Tuuli also to Heinola show today , and placed 3rd in the best bitch class. Mr Miklos evente from Hungary judged this time, 21 WSS entered.


A test weekend

Viivi aka Dirlian Sweet Surprise entered on Saturday to "water work" test which is needed to pass before entering to hunting tests. Viivi did it well, and got full 3 points. The rest of the hunting test is ahead for Viivi and Jarno later in autumn.

I spend a nice weekend with dogs at our summer cottage in Mikkeli. On Saturday entered Kerttu to the field test needed for Ch title. Our rehearsals still continues, but I think this time it went better as in last autumn so we won't give up :).


Kukka likes swimming


In memoriam
"Roope" Dirlian Perfect Bobby

A new hip examination result

Remu aka Dirlian Son Of Neptune is now x-rayed, the result is D/D.



No big news, we're just have had out summer holidays and spent it mostly at home, despite visiting at Pärnu in June and the end of last week which we spent at Springer Club's summer days in Punkalaidun. It was so fun 4 days, Kerttu took apart to some agility training groups and also Kukka took her first steps to agility in a baby group, she was so clever and anxious! Kerttu also passed MH character test on Friday, the same day she had her 2nd birthday. My dear old Kirsti spent those days pampered by my parents.

Kukka is growing so fast, I think she'll be a wild Welsh...


Kukka likes flowers.


Pärnu Int Ch Show

Finally my summer holidays started, and it was time for our almost traditional summer trip to Estonia and Pärnu Int Ch Show. On Friday evening we (me, Kerttu (Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian), my friend Minni and her dogs pyrenean mastiff Ulpu & kleinspitz Taimi) drove to a ferry and after couple of hours we had accrossed the Finnish Gulf and were at Tallinn where we continued straight away to Pärnu where we had rent a house and where Terhi, Petra add their russell terrier Molly joined us.
Next morning it was time to enter the show. Luckily we had woken up early and taken the tent and cages in advance to the show ground, when we came back with the dogs it started raining and it was raining almost all the time we spent at the show. 9 WSS has announced, one of them was my Kirsti I had left home when had started pitying how exhausting all the travelling would be for my dear old lady, Mrs Lilian Hanniste were judging the breed. Kerttu placed finally as BB-3, getting also res-CACIB as a souvenir. After all dogs had enterd to the ring (Ulpu BOB&jun-BOB, Taimi VG) we collected all our stuff and returned to our house, where we rested awhile, and then took a short shopping tour with Minni, when the all others were still sleeping. Finally we spent a nice evening at the town, eating a good meal and walking at the park beside our house, where was hold the event named "Hansapäeväd" at his weekend, meaning the park was full of trading stands and other program.
On Sunday morning we had nothing else to do, as say goodbye to Pärnu once again, drive slowly towards Tallinn, do some last minute shopping, drive to a ferry and wait until we were back in Finland again. A one more chapter is once again joined to the golden book of the funniest memories, thanks to all concerned once again!


A fun weekend

Once again a fun weekend, full of activities including the annual Karkku specialty show and a new team member joining us. At Friday evening I packed three dogs (Mikki aka D. Quack Quack had been staying with us since last week) to my car and drove to stay a night at Helsinki. Early in the morning we all woke up and drove to Salo where we met Malin who brought us our new team member Kukka aka Eastfarm's Magnolia. Soon we were on the road again, and on the way to Punkalaidun, where we met Tiina and Kaisa and took a sightseeing and made some plans considering the springer club's summer camp. Then back to road again, and we finally ended to Tampere where we spent the night, thanks for Kaisa for a great hospitality! After a night slept well, it was time to drive towards Karkku and Specialty show. Little Kukka spent a day in a day care at Nokia, thanks to Mirva and family. The results of the show will be found at the results page.

A new team member

So our newest team member is Eastfarm's Magnolia aka "Kukka" (meaning a flower in finnish). Kukka is very funny and sweet puppy, who already has so fun with Kerttu, the old lady Kirsti seems to be a little bit negligent about her. Kukka is now staying with us, but it might be if I find some nice co-owner home to her, she'll move to her own home. Let's see what the future brings! Thanks to Malin that we got this lovely little girl to our team!



In memoriam
"Caro" Dirlian Madcap Mike



Maybe I am a little bit boring person , but once again I have to say that the time seems to fly. Our T-trio is celebrating their 3rd anniversary today, and on Tueday it tis time to celebrate our Q-litter, filling already 6 years. Birthday greetings to all of you!



Meanwhile her co-owner spent the whole weekend sitting at Kennel Club's course (and hopefully learned much), entered Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess to Sipoo show. 11 welshies were announced, judge Mrs Ritva Raita. Tuuli placed finally BB-2 getting res-CC. I got also new photos, thanks once again to Suvi...

Dirlian True Princess

We have no more shows on scedule at this month, so we consentrate spending the rest of my vinter holidays until 30th April. It is time to enjoy for a long walks at the forest, the sunshine and the birds singing hard (and chasing them, might the dogs say). Hopefully the summer is closer and closer!


N-litter 10 years

The time really flies, and now it is time to celebrate, our N-litter have their 10th anniversary today. My own member of N-team, Kirsti aka D. Nice Surprise sends her sunny bithday greetings to her litter mates all around the country. According my knowledge, 7 others out of these 9 puppies are still living and bringing joy to their owners, so let's hope they all have many good and healthy years still ahead.


One of the birthday children, Kirsti aka Fin&Rus Ch Dirlian Nice Surprise


Happy Easter


Hausjärvi & Mäntsälä

Yesterday entered Kerttu aka Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian to a group show at Hausjärvi. 11 WSS was announced, Mrs Saija Juutilainen as a judge. Kerttu won all the bitches, taking her 2nd CC and placed finally BOS.

Today it was time for another group show, this time at Mäntsälä. 15 WSS was announced, Mr Markku Santamäki judged. Viivi aka Dirlian Sweet Surprise entered, Viivi got her first EXC and placed finally BB-4.



This late winter goes fast, almost a month since the last updates. We're waiting the spring axiously, even we're a little bit sad that the lovely snowy winter days are passed soon. Dirtyer weathers and walks are not so nice, but maybe the summer with all it's fun is here soon.

The show year is now officially started. Kerttu did enter to Tampere Int show this weekend, total 51 WSS entered, Mrs Helle Dan-Pålsen från Danmark was judging. Kerttu entered first time after a half year show break to the intermediate class and got VG. Her critique was nice, but maybe Kerttu may concentrate to grow some more hair to her front for a while, and we keep some show break again without sending any more applications to the shows until the summer. Thanks for a nice driving company to Minna and Noel!

We even had a small unofficial Dirlian meet in Porvoo at 7th March. I was happy that 7 Dirlians living at Porvoo-Loviisa area came by to give their blood samples for the genetic research, done by PhD Hannes Lohi at University of Helsinki. You can read more about this issue from the web site of Mr Lohi & his group. I hope as many as possible of Dirlians give their samples for this important cause that we can hopefully avoid the unpleasant diseaces in this breed in the future. Of course especially after being crushed so hard by the hypothyroism in my breeding this matter feels very very important for me. Thanks to all you who have given samples of your dogs now or earlier!



Again one more winter month is almost gone by and the spring is nearer and nearer. There's though nothing to claim having this kind a proper vinter we have had since January. We have all enjoyed so much about out daily snowy forest walks. There's all kinds of interesting smells under the snow and both of the dogs do what they have greatest interest to do; Kerttu is chasing and catching all kind of little mouses and the old lady finds frozen rye bread slices even in the middle of the forest. By the way, a fozen bread slice is a very good fetching object!
But as I said, the spring is coming, the sun is already warming so much that it feels almost hot in some places. Maybe that bright light after darker times is doing good and we all became more active what comes to hobbies, I have already sent announcements to some shows for a long time (Well, at least it feels like an eternity). On Monday I was even at the meeting of our very small local dog club, Kerttu recieved the prize of best showdog of the club in 2008.

Is here any interesting smells...



We have had a busy January, and maybe I should finally take some time and do some updating to our pages, even if I have not any special news to tell. We finally got a real vinter also to Southern Finland and we have been so happy about it. Also the dogs seems to enjoy about the snow so much. I have been thinking about entering some shows and already sent applications to some of them, so maybe this odd and quiet time without no shows is soon ending.

Our O-litter had their 8th anniversary on 23th January, this busy breeder sends her belated birthday congratulations to Maija, Uffe, Nasu, Moona, Roni, Whisky, Nelli and Sanni!


A new year, a new page...

So is this holiday season finished and it's time to come back to normal life. We spent most of the holidays at home, both Kirsti and Kerttu are having their season just now, so it is better to stay home in peace and quiet and far away from the "dog world". The beginning of the year seems to be quite peaceful what comes to this dog hobby, but when the spring comes it's sure the calendar will be fulled with all kind of nice and exciting events.


Kirsti, Fin&Rus Mva Dirlian Nice Surprise 9yrs 8mo

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