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News 2010




End of the show year

Once again a fun weekend at Helsinki Fair Centre is behind, this time two int Ch shows on a row, a new Helsinki Winner show yesterday and Finnish Winner show today. What is a year without this tradional end of a show year so of course we had to be there. FI&EE CH Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian aka Kerttu returned to the show rings after having her litter in the summer, maybe she's not yet in a very best of show condition , but seemed to be in a very happy mood about being "back in business". And the results weren't bad either, on Saturday EXC and 4th in champion class under judge Mr Bertil Lundgren, today EXC and 3rd in champion class and finally 4th in best bitch class, Mr Bill Bunce judging.
Now it is time to relax and enjoy about Christmas time and all other fun, waiting for the next year which will be interesting as hopefully members of our U-litter will enter to the official classes during the year.


Helsinki puppy show

A another puppy show in this month, this time at Helsinki Fair Centre and 4 members of U-litter entered. This time it was Santeri aka Dirlian Uncommon Spice who took it all, winning BOB, as his sister Dara aka D. Umbrella Girl won the bitches and placed BOS. Vallu aka D. Undercover Agent and Molly aka D. Unlimetd Joys where both 2nd's in their classes. Also my breeders class was shown, it gor hp and was BOB. What a fun day we had again, thanks to all!


Birthday wishes

Happy bithday to all members of our R-litter celebrating their 6th anniversary yesterday and S-litter celebrating their 5th anniversary today.


In memoriam
"Tyyne" Dirlian Noisy Morning

Our deepest condolences to Tyyne's owner Johanna and the family.


A puppy show

Today the first members of our U-litter entered to a puppy show at Lohja, Santeri aka D. Uncommon Spice and his sisters Dara aka D. Umbrella Girl and Molly aka D. Unlimited Joy. And the results were nice, Santeri being 2nd at the best male class, Molly winning her class and Dara being 2nd, they both got hp. Molly finally won also BOB. Thank for the lovely day for all concerned!


Autumn news

The autumn is here, the evenings has became dark but still I have so much to do that updating this site seems to happen very slowly.

Our daily routines were nicely cut by a weekend trip to Åland Islands. Kirsti and Kerttu were left with friends and family and only Kukka travelled with me. As a companion Kukka had pyrenean mastiff Ulpu owned by my friend, so my car was still full of dogs. Those two had so fun during the trip so I think Kukka didn't had time to miss her friends at home.
We did also enter to Eckerö Int Ch show, with result VG1 for Kukka. Kukka entered also to the breeders class of her breeder Malin, which finally won BIS-1, huge congrats once more to Malin! Also Ulpu got her last missing CC and became Fin Ch, so it was time to celebrate when we were back at our cottage. There we were, two women alone in the dark empty cottage area having sauna and having so fun. Thanks again to Minni and Ulpu for great company!

Kukka ja Ulpu

Friends Kukka and Ulpu


One more confirmation

FCI has confirmed that Tuuli aka Dirlian True Princess has now title of C.I.B.


C.I.B, C.I.E, FIN, NOR, EST, RUS, LTU, LV, BALT & BY MVA Dirlian Officially Olga

FCI has confirmed that Nasu aka Dirlian Officially Olga may now also add the title C.I.E among the others. As her many titles are telling, Nasu has travelled around widely, but novadays Nasu whos having her 10th anniversary in next January has left the showrings and spends well earned retirement at home together her loyal companion Tuuli aka C.I.B* BaltW-08 Dirlian True Princess.


U-litter met again

So lovely evening we had yeaterday, when all the memebers of our U-litter came here to meet their siblings, mother Kerttu, the breeder and others. So much wild running and playing I haven't seen for ages, we all had so fun! Thanks for all concerned, it was so nice to see all the puppies at the same time. Let's do this again some day!

U-pennut U-pennut U-pennut U-pennut


Working ability test

Yesterday we spent a nice day at Heinola, when Kukka aka Eastfarm's Magnolia entered to the field test needed for Ch title. Kukka passed the test, Mr Veli Nurminen was judging.


Champion news

A first champion progeny for C.I.B, FI&EE CH Dirlian Quack Quack aka Mikki; Milfeddyg Osgo got her last missing CC at Mikkeli show on Saturday and has now the title FI CH. Congrats to all concerned, also Kirsti sends her regards to grand daughter Miina!


All the puppies have left

So the time flies again and again, and we haven't puppies at home any more. Santeri aka D. Uncommon Spice left a week ago and is a new family member of Jaana, Kimmo and Pablo (Eastfarm's Luxury) in Espoo. Today it was time to say farewell to little Into aka D. Uplifting Spirit who's now living with family Leinonen in Nurmijärvi. Good luck to all members of our U-litter in your new life with your own families. Hopefully we'll all meet soon again


Kukka got CC

We spent a very hot morning at Mäntsälä. Kukka aka Eastfarm's Magnolia entered to her 3rd official show, entering to the junior class, getting EXC, winning the class and continueing to best bitch class, where she placed finally 2nd and took CC! 16 WSS enterd today, Mrs Kirsti Nieminen judging the breed.


Puppies are moving & a new team member

The time flies and our U-litter has started to move to their own homes. The first one was little Miss D. Umbrella Girl, now better known as "Dara" who now lives with family Mäki in Espoo. Her brother D. Undercover Agent got the name "Vallu", and is living with family Rissanen in Vantaa. The another sister, D. Unlimited Joy aka "Molly", is our new team member and co-owned by family Stenberg in Porvoo. Two of the brothers will be staying here with us a little bit longer, so we may enjoy watching the adventures of these two, they have for expl found the joys of refreshing water plays in this very hot weather we have lately "enjoyed".

Pennut muuttavat & uusi tiiminjäsen

Aika kuluu hirveän äkkiä, Kertun pennut täyttivät maanantaina jo 7 vkoa ja loppuviikosta tuli aika toivotella jo osalle pennuista hyvää matkaa omiin koteihinsa. Ensimmäisenä suureen maailmaan lähti pikkuneiti D. Umbrella Girl, joka muutti Mäen perheeseen Espooseen ja sai nimen Dara. Velipoika D. Undercover Agent asustelee nykyisin Vantaalla Rissasen perheessä ja tunnetaan kotoisammin nimellä Vallu. Siskoista toinen, D. Unlimited Joy muutti Stenbergin perheen iloksi Porvooseen, Molly on sijoituskodissa ja uusi jäsen tiimissämme. Kaksi veljeksistä on täällä ilonamme vielä vähän pidempään, vaikkakin pihalla retkeilevä retkikunta on merkittävästi harventunut, lystiä riittää poikakaksikon puuhia seuratessa, veljekset ovat mm. varsin hyvin keksineet vilpoisten vesileikkien ilot näiden helteiden yhä vain jatkuessa.

Dirlian Uplifting Spirit


New health examination results

Kukka aka Easfarm's Magnolia has A-A hips and clear eyes.


A new champion

Tuuli aka BaltW-08 Dirlian True Princess entered two Int Ch Shows at Ozolnieki, Latvia during this weekend. On Saturday Tuuli got VG, judged by Mrs Monika Blaha from Austria. Today she entered to a another show with great results, winning bitches and taking CC, CACIB and BOB. This also means that after FCI confirmation Tuuli will have the title of C.I.B. The judge of the day was Mr Sigurd Wilberg , UK. Congrats to Tuuli and the Lindholm family!


Sad news

What a sad Friday, yesterday when I came home I found one of the bitch puppies dead :(. What has happened, we'll never know for sure. The other 5 puppies are growing fine and Kerttu is a very loving and sweet dog mother.


Puppies are born

Our U-litter was born at night, Kerttu (FI&EE CH Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian) & Kryddan /Taimere's Allspice) had a litter 3 males and 3 bitches. Everything is ok with the puppies and Kerttu is taking care of them so well.

Mamma hoitaa

Kerttu taking care
of her family


The boys


The girls


A little bit more than a week to go...


Thanks, I am eating
this bone now...



Kerttu was ultrasounded ysterday, and she really is in whelp, so we are expecting her litter to be born in the end of May.


Puppy news!

FI&EE CH Eastfarm's Joy At Dirlian is now mated with Taimere's Allspice. If our trip to Sweden was succesful, Kerttu's and Kryddan's litter will be born in the end of May. More about upcoming litter on our puppies page.


Valkeala show

Finally start for the show year 2010. Yesterday three of our team members entered to Valkeala group show. 16 WSS entered, Mr Matti Luoso did the judging. Kerttu aka FI&EE Ch Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian took it all, first winning best bitch competition and finally BOB! Tuuli aka BaltW-08 Dirlian True Princess got the result VG1 in open class, Kukka aka Eastfarm's Magniolia entered to her first official show and got the same result in juniors. Kukka got a nice critique, saying as espected that she should mature more, and also some more ring behavior training wouldn't be bad. So this lazy owner should remember to train more with the leash with her own little kangaroo...


In memoriam
"Jami" Dirlian Narnia Nathan

Our deepest condolences to Jami's owner Piia and the family.


O-litter 9 years old

Happy birthday to all the members of our O-litter, congrats Nasu, Nelli, Maija, Moona, Sanni, Uffe, Roni and Whiski!

Winter greetings

This year has started with a proper old fashioned vinter weather and we all have enjoyed so much about it. Let's hope we still have many cold and snowy vinter days left.
I have been otherwise so busy at the dog hobby front that I haven't thought any shows yet, maybe I should send some applications to shows of the spring. I am also thinking to mate Kerttu in this year, it is not sure yet if it's going to happen now at the spring or later in this year, but very exciting it will be anyway, (hopefully) having a litter after 4 years, it is already almost when T-litter was born.

Kerttu ja Kukka

Some photos of Kerttu and Kukka having winter fun.

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