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News 2011


Happy new year

Once again one year gone by and it's time to look forward to new year 2012 and start planning new tricks during it. So happy new year to everyone!

Some last news of 2011... All the Kerttu's puppies has finally moved, as also little girl Venla moved to her own home at Vantaa. Our home is so quit now and we' still miss her, but Venla herself is doing fine at her new home.

Some show memories from the year gone by, those I remember best, at spring Kerttu aka Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian finished her C.I.B title, at June Mikki aka D. Quack Quack won BIS2 veteran at our specialty show and all fine results 1,5 yrs old Santeri aka D. Uncommon Spice collected... At top show Wesh of the year the mother and son are both ranked quite near of the brightest top, as Kerttu who started her maternity leave in the end of the summer has the placement #8 (#4 bitch) and her son Santeri #17/#7 male.

We also went to ultrasound with Kukka, and it seems she will have a quite large sized litter in the end of January. We're waiting with great excitement!



From all of us at Kennel Dirlian to all of you, A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012
© Dirlian


FINW 2011 Show

So has once again one more show year come to it's final. During this weekend was held two Int Ch Shows at Helsinki Fair Centre, on Saturday I was working and none of Dirlian dogs didn't enter to Helsinki Winner Show, but today two members out of our U -litter entered to FINW-11 Show. And did it well, Santeri aka Dirlian Uncommon Spice placed finally 4th at best male competition and took res-CC, his sister Dara aka Dirlian Umbrella Girl got EXC1 and CQ from intermediate class. There was only 5 bitches out of 20 who entered at best bitch competitiion, so even if Dara din't placed she's worth of unofficial 5th place. Congrats and thanks to their owner families, next time at next year....

Litter news

Mikki aka C.I.B. FI&EE Ch Dirlian Quack Quack and Kukka aka Eastfarm's Magnolia were mated earlier in this week, so we'll wait and see if we'll got a new litter in the end of January.


Puppy cam is now offline

The broadcast of our puppy cam is finished for this time, more reality show is available maybe in the beginning of next year. Those to puppies , Venla and Viiru, which I still have at home were spending more and more time elsewhere in the house and little Venla is a real master escaping from the fence so it is now returned to storage to wait our next litter.


Show news and others

Great news from Kouvola group show! Santeri (D. Uncommon Spice) and Dara (D. Umbrella Girl) entered today, Mr Jouko Leiviskä was judging. Santeri won best male class and took his CC (number #3) and was finally BOS, congrats to Santeri, Jaana & Kimmo! This time his sister Dara got VG.

Only 2 puppies left at home, and I can hear the silence. Anyway it is nice to have Venla & Viiru here, but hopefully I will find the right home for them soon. There's no signs of Kukka's season yet, so let's see when our next litter will born.

I also got an email with lovely photos about almost eleven years old Nelli aka D. Olive On A Bus. Thanks Marjo!


© Marjo Hakala


Puppy plans

Some preliminary information about our upcoming litter, hopefully due in the beginning of the year 2012:



Confirmation from FCI

Now it is official as confirmation from Belqium arrived so Kerttu may use her Int Ch title, for now on she's C.I.B FI&EE Ch Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian.


Puppy cam online

I managed to get my webcam working, so some live picture direct from the whelping box is available randomly, mostly at the evenings and weekends. Our puppy cam is located in:

Everything is fine with the puppies except the smallest girl worries me being half as big as her siblings. At least she feeding well so le't hope she'll begin to get weight so I don't have to think some other options...


The milk tastes so good...


Puppies have born!

Our V-litter has arrived, last night Kerttu whelped a litter of 3 males and 4 bitches. Here's the first photos about the puppies, with a click of the mouse you'll see them bigger, I'll made a own page for puppyphotos very soon.

V-pennut V-pennut V-pennut V-pennut


Santeri BOB and CC #2

Not bad week at all for Santeri aka Dirlian Uncommon Spice! Last Saturday he catched his first CC at Vantaa all breeds show, yesterday he entered to Porvoo all breeds show, won best male class, taking CC and winning finally BOB. Of course he was also Royal Canin BOB junior (a own competition of the sponsor of the show). Very well done, Santeri and Jaana, congrats to all!


CC winner Santeri aka D. Uncommon Spice


Vantaa Show

A nice day at Vantaa all breeds show on Saturday for litter mates Santeri (D. Uncommon Spice) and Dara (D. Umbrella Girl). Santeri took her first CC being best male 3rd, sister Dara went best bitch 4 th with a res-CC. Congrats to all!


2 weeks left

It's two weeks left until the puppies will born, our mom-to-be is already quite big...




Today we had ultrasound done, and Kerttu really is in whelp. I had already been very hopeful for a couple of weeks as this time all the marks seemed to be very clear. I am happy I just don't have too lively imagination... At the fast look we saw 5 puppies today, but it isn't I wonder if there might be some more. To know for sure we have to only wait until the middle of September, exciting times ahead!


Puppy news & one more hip result

Yesterday we travelled with Kerttu (Fi&Ee Ch Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian) to Lappeenranta to meet Jaffa (Fi&Se(u) Cg FINW-10 Benton Under Oath). Their meeting went well, and now we hope that Kerttu will have puppies in the middle of September.

Also Into's (Dirlian Uplifting Spirit) hip result has fianlly arrived, and it is A/A.


Litter plans & health examination results

4 out of total 5 litter members of our U -litter went to heath examinations at the beginning of June. All of them had clear eys without any notifications and now also the hip results has arrived from Kennel Club, only "Into's" D. Uplifting Spirit, result is still awaited. Results arrived so far: D. Unlimited Joy B/B, D. Umbrella Girl B/B and D. Undercover Agent E/E.

Also a matter concerning the mating of Kerttu (C.I.B* FI&EE Ch Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian) is now solved. After hard considerations she will be soon mated with C.I.B* FI& SE(u) Ch Benton Under Oath. More about this combination you can read from our puppies-page.


Karkku Springer Spaniel Specialty Show

Once again a fun and awaited weekend behind, Karkku Specialty Show weekend. This time the best result of our gang took Mikki aka C.I.B FI&EE Ch Dirlian Quack Quack, who entered first time to veteran class and made it with style, winning BOB veteran and BIS2 veteran. Kerttu aka FI&EE Ch Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian entered to a large and high quality champion class taking EXC. Her puppies took vg's at junior class this time.
A lovely weekend again, thanks to all my friends!


C.I.B, FI&EE CH Dirlian Quack Quack aka Mikki and his BOB vet&BIS2
vet trophies and rosettes


Happy birthday

Again time to say that the time flies, as our U-puppies are celebrating their first anniversary today, so happy birthday Dara, Molly, Vallu, Into and Santeri!


Some shows and MH

What a fun and busy weekend full booked with dog hobbies we had! First on Saturday entered Kerttu aka FI&EE CH Eastfar's Joy At Dirlian to Hamina Int Ch Show, and won finally BOB and took CACIB. This time we also stayed for group finals, but didn't get any more success.
On Sunday we started the day entering to Helsinki Int Ch show with Kerttu and 2 of her puppies, Santeri aka Dirlian Uncommon Spice and Dara aka Dirlian Umbrella Girl. This time Kerttu placed 3rd in champion class and got CQ, her puppies got both VG's. A fun show day with good friends, thanks to all. After show we drove to Espoo where Kukka aka Eastfarm's Magnolia entered to MH "mental test". According the results she got, she is as I have thought she is, a very independent and quite fearless little Welsh girl. An interesting afternoon, even though we did not have time to watch more than one other dog in addition to Kukka due to the tight schedule of the day.


Kerttu is now C.I.B!

Today we enterd to Lahti Int Ch Show with Kerttu aka FI&EE CH Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian. The final result of her was great, she placed 2nd at best bitch class taking CACIB, and as she already has another from Estonia taken over a year ago, has Kerttu now the title C.I.B, international champion (of course without confirmation of FCI yet, but it will come by mail some day in the future). Also two of Kerttu's puppies entered, Santeri aka D. Uncommon Spice and Dara aka D. Umbrella Girl, they both got EXC's. A lovely day with friends and a great start for Easter holidays.


Happy Easter to everyone

Iloista pääsiäistä


Kouvola show

Yesterday we travelled to Kouvola show with a bigger gang. 9 mos old U-puppies Dara (D. Umbrella Girl) and Santeri (D. Uncommon Spice) enterd to their first official show. And it went quite well, Santeri was finally best male 4th receiving res-CC, sister Dara got VG this time. As a sugar in the bottom their mother Kerttu (Fi&Ee Ch Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian) won finally BOB. A fun day again, thanks to all concerned.


10th anniversary

It is time to celebrate, our O-litter is having their 10th anniversary today, happy birthday to all!


Some of O-puppies in 2001


In memoriam
"Kirsti" Fin&Rus Mva Dirlian Nice Surprise

My beloved and loyal friend, the kindest dog in the world, missed so horribly much.

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