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News 2012


From all of us to all of you...


t. Maarit & koiramammat Kerttu ja Kukka


End of the show year & Vuolasvirta award

Once again one show year came to final. we spent a whole weekend at Helsinki Winner Shows. Not so huge (or bad either) success at his time, a huge amount of entries at both shows. A nice amount of Dirlian dogs entered, thanks for that for all owners. You can found the results of the weekend at results-page.

The highlight of the weekend was when I received FKC's Vuolasvirta award for meriterious breeding.


Me and Santeri (FI&EE CH Dirlian Uncommon Spice) after ceremony


End of September...

The autumn has arrived and it was time to have our almost traditional vacation at Åland. This time we spent 4 days at the islands, the weather was quite rainy but we had so fun including sauna, swimming and also Eckerö Int show. it was a lovely long weekend, thank you all friends!


Somebodies are missing somebody...


Photos © Päivi Paajanen

Tampere puppy show

While we were having great times at Åland, entered littermates "Rauno" (D. Wyatt Earp) and "Wilda" (D. Wonderful Tonight) to Tampere puppy show. Wilda was winning BOB puppy, Rauno was nr 1 at his class but was left without hp this time. The judge was Mrs Tarja Hovila.

Wilda Tampereella

Wilda at Tampere


My email brought a photo about Santeri aka
FI&EE CH Dirlian Uncommon Spice with his EE CH rosette.



In memoriam
"Nasu" Multi Ch Dirlian Officially Olga


V-litter 1 year old

Our V's, also Kerttu's and Jaffa's puppies are celebrating their 1st anniversary today. Happy birthday to Venla, Veeti, Helmi, Robi, Urho, Penni & Menni!


In memoriam
"Duffe" Dirlian Practical Joke


Pärnu shows

What a lovely weekend we had, at two Int Ch shows at Pärnu, Estonia. A nice visit in a beautiful city with great results. Read more from results-page).

Äiti ja poika

Mother and son after brace competition.


In memoriam
"Maija" Dirlian Open Secret


On vacation

Our summer vacation started and we'll be spending it mainly at home, as we'll have summer visitors spending during July with us. First comes Menni, then Molly, then Robi... So nice to see them all.

Also this summer we have our regular summer guests at the rooftop, where Mr and Mrs Wagtail with family are having their nest. This means very busy times for Kukka, always eagerly chasing the birds, no difference how big or small they are... Much wiser or lazier Kerttu doesn't care about them and goes to shadows instead.


2 new champions

Yesterday was a day I haven't experienced before, as I got two new Ch's more at the same day. Also litter siblings "Dara" Dirlian Umbrella Girl and "Santeri" Dirlian Uncommon Spice entered to working ability test at Loppi. They both already have all the CC's needed and they can take, so it was very long day to be at home and wait for the results. But late at the evening I finally got a phonecall and great news that there's two brand new champions under Dirlian flag. Huge congrats to Dara, Santeri and all the owners!

Dara ja Santeri

Two new champions with their happy owners after Loppi working ability test 30.6.2012
FI CH Dirlian Umbrella Girl & FI CH Dirlian Uncommon Spice with Ulla Mäki & Jaana Langinkoski
© Kimmo Okker


Some recent show news & visitors

We had a nice weekend at two Int Shows with Kerttu aka C.I.B FI&EE CH Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian and her progeny. Yesterday we entered to Kotka Int Show with four members of our team. Our only male representant was "Santeri" aka Dirlian Uncommon Spice who went finally 3rd at best male competition. "Helmi" aka Dirlian Virtual Joy who had just filled 9 months at the day before entered to a large sized junior class and won it, finally Helmi went 3rd at the best bitch competition and got her first CC! Big sister "Dara" aka Dirlian Umbrella Girl entered to open class with result EXC2 CQ. Kerttu entered to champion class, won it and was finally best bitch with CACIB and ended to BOS placement. A great day, I am especially happy about little Helmi doing so well, congrats Liisi and the family! Judge was Mrs Vera Smirnova from Estonia, 22 WSS entered.

Today we went to Helsinki Int Show, and I have to say that finnish summer really showed her both ends during this weekend. Yesterday was hot and sunny, today it has been raining all day long. Today it was the same team entering, only Helmi was missing. Breed specialist Ms Marjo Jaakkola, Benton WSS fame, was judging, 26 WSS entered. Santeri entered to open class with result EXC1. Dara and Kerttu both won their classes and entered to best bitch comepetition, Kerttu placed 2nd and took CACIB, daughter Dara went 3rd winning CC and res-cacib (which will be changed CACIB as Kerttu already got C.I.B title). This was also Dara's last finnisf CC, she needs only working test result to be a champion. Congrats to Dara and Mäki family!

We also entered to the annual main specialty Show at Karkku last weekend, not so great success at this year, but it is always fun, interesting and inportant to be there, spending a lovely day out and seeing so many Welshies & friends. Hopefully I will get many more team members to enter next year!

I have been lucky to see two of Kukka's& Mikki's puppies during last week. Eero aka D. Seventh Brother came to visit earlier, and now I have my co-owned Wilda aka D. Wonderful Tonight staying with us during weekend. Some photos of the brother and the sister above. Just click the photo to see it in bigger size.


Helsinki shows

A nice day at Helsinki group and puppy shows. First Dara aka D. Umbrella Girl entered to group show, being only bitch getting CQ so she was winner in bitches, took CC and later BOS. Her little siblings entered to the puppy show, first brothers Urho and Robi, D. Vitamin D and D. Viva Las Vegas. Urho didn't behave this time so he went 2nd, Robi winning. Robi continued by winning the best male puppy class and later selected as BOS puppy. Also sister Venla aka D. Vanilla Twist entered, being 2n with hp at her class. A lovely day again, thanks and congrats to all!


Loviisa group show

We had nice day at Loviisa group show on Saturday. 5 of Kerttu's progeny did enter, and the success wasn't bad. First entered sisters D. Violet Hill aka Menni and D. Virtual Joy aka Helmi to the puppy class, Helmi won BOB puppy and Menni came 2nd with hp. Uncommon Spice was BM 4th taking CC, her sister Molly got VG2 placement, and finally another sister Dara aka D. Umbrella Girl won bitches, took her 1st CC and won BOS. Well done all! Judge was Mrs Leni Finne and 21 WSS entered.


New hip result

Santeri aka Dirlian Uncommon Spice has been x-rayed and the final result has arrived from Kennel Club and it is the best possible, also A/A. His eyes were checked also at the same time and they were ok. All our U-puppies have been examined now, thanks to owners!


In memoriam
"Topi" Dirlian Napoleon Solo


In memoriam
"Roni" Dirlian Onslow


Our W-litter has arrived

Our W-litter was born yesterday, 7 males and one bitch puppy. All of them are doing fine and their "whelping box names" for the boys given according classic finnish novel "Seven brothers" by Aleksis Kivi. The only girl will be called as "Neiti" (Miss).




It has been quite hectic beginning of the year for us, even if there's no big news to tell from the dog frontier. I have got some nice news that all Kerttu's puppies from her last litter are doing fine in their own homes. I hope we can meet with many of them later in the spring.
We'll soon have exciting times, as Kukka's litter will be born, the d-day is in next weekend so let's see how many new Dirlians we'll get. Above the photo of Kukka and how she looked yesterday, 1 week left to go.

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