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News 2015



Puppies got names

D-puppies are named, they are:

Dirlian Dark Star
Dirlian Danny Blind
Dirlian Delta Red
Dirlian Dream World
Dirlian Dutch Sunrise
Dirlian Don Orange
Dirlian Double Ace
Dirlian Double Sugar



Misty in Belarus

Misty aka Dirlian Charlotte Russe travelled a long way to Minsk with her co-owner Verna. Misty entered there 2 int shows during the weekend. Misty is hardly 9 months old, and these were her first official shows. And with such a good results! On Saturday Misty won BOB-JUN. JUN-CC, BOB and finally placed 3rd at group competiotion! Verna said she couldn't believe her ears when that was announced.
On Sunday the results were quite the same, unless Misty gained also BY JUN CH title and they didn't stay to finals, they had a lomg way home and earlier you leave, earlier you're home. A great weekend, well done Misty and Verna!

Mammalomalla Mammalomalla



Puppies are born!

Our D-litter is here, also 8 brand new Dirlian dogs. A link to their news&photo gallery and our puppycam you'll find via our Litters-page.


The final straight in sight

It is about 1,5 weeks left until the puppies will born, and Wilda already joined us. She's felt fine, is quite round in shape, this end period of ecpecting is of course a little bit exhausting sometimes, so she prefers a good nap when it's possible.

Mammalomalla Mammalomalla



We had very exciting moments yesterday, as it was time for ultrasound and have a peek if there's any Wilda's and Lexa's puppies on a way. And I am so happy to tell that there's a nice sized litter coming in the beginning of November! More about this upcoming litter from our litters-page.


New email

We have a new email adress, The old one , ending, is valid until end of September.


Autumn news

It has been a hectic month, and lots of news to tell, let's start about puppy news. Wilda aka FI CH Dirlian Wonderful Tonight is now mated with Lexa aka FI CH Wild Venture Des Vauriennes. So hopefully our next litter will be born in the beginning of November. More about this upcoming litter from our litters-page.

There's also many good shownews to tell, here's the most important ones, more from our results-page.
Five membesr of our latest litter, C-litter, entered to Vantaa puppy show. We had had some ring training meetings beforehand, and everyone showed their puppies themselves and it went quite well! Judge Riitta Niemelä wanted to give hp to all of them, BOB was Misty, BOS brother Cody. Also our breedes class got hp & BOB, and got very nice critique, about quite even types, good movement and lovely temperaments. We didn't stay to the group finals with breeders class, but Misty entered to group 8 final, and placed finally Group 4th. What a nice ending of a lovely day.

Olmo & Cody Dana & Cinna Dana says hello to the judge Cinna checked Breeders class Misty jand her trophies

The mommy of our upcoming litter, Wilda, has had a very busy but succesful week. On Sunday 30.8 Wilda eneterd to Janakkala Int Show, winning her 2nd CC, during the week she had her honeymoon at Pori with Lexa and on following Sunday she won BB2 and CC at Vantaa all breeds show, gaining her FI CH title.

Wilda at hotel

"That dating is so exhausting"



New pages

Thanks to two HAMK students, Laura & Rolle, who took our website as a voluntary summer project, our pages are totally renewed. Some pages are still missing, own pages of several Dirlian bred dogs, but I'll add them later on, as these busies due to many things happening at the same time are over. I see many of the photos doesn't open, but I will correct them step by step, I just don't have so much time for that as my life is quite hectic just now, so please be patient.

Litter plans

We have litter plans for the end of 2015, Wilda aka Dirlian Wonderful Tonight will be soon mated, her season has started and mating will be actual at next week. More about this upcoming litter from our litters-page.

Kouvola show

Kouvola all breeds show last Saturday was historical for us, as Kerttu aka C.I.B FI&EE Ch Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian entered first time to veteran class, winning BB3 and BOS-vet. Her son Urho aka Dirlian Vitamin D placed 3rd in BM competition and gained his 2nd CC.



Pärnu shows

We had a perfect short vacation at Pärnu, Estonia, including also 2 Int show during the weekend. On Saturday Wilda aka Dirlian Wonderful Tonight won BOB, taking also CC and CACIB, Kerttu aka C.I.B FI & EE CH Eastfarm's Joy at Dirlian took BB2 and res-CACIB. On Sunday it was Kerttu's day, she was the only bitch getting CQ, so she won CACIB and was finally BOS. This was a nice ending of an era, as these were Kerttu's last shows before entering to veteran class, ahe really did it with style. A nice weekend in sunny Pärnu.

Pärnu Pärnu Pärnu


In memoriam
"Uffe" Fi Ch Dirlian Offspring


Horrible news

On Tuesday I got very horrible news, Penni has been in a very horrible accident and finally they have to let her go. Rest in peace poor Penni, you left too early. My deepest condolences to her family.

In memoriam
"Penni" alias Dirlian Valentine Girl


A new team member

We have a new member in our team, Dirlian Charlotte Russe aka Misty, living with Verna and Aleksi in Espoo.


Sad news

In memoriam
"Moona" alias Dirlian Oodles of Fun


C-litter got names

C-litter got names, after less than 2 weeks they are moving to their new anxiously waiting homes. Yesterday they were microchipped and got names, they are...


Our C-litter is here

Our C-puppies are finally here, 7 puppies, 3 males & 4 bitches. If you want to know more about them or have a look to our puppycam, visit our puppies-page.


A new hip result

The first member of our B-litter has now x-rayed and the official results arrived from Kennel Club today. Wiia aka Dirlian Baby Spice has A/A hips and also elbows and knees are excellent.

Still waiting...

Venla aka D. Vanilla Twist arrived here yesterday and now we're expecting our next litter to be born in the end of this week. Exciting times ahead!

Venla viikkoa ennen laskettua aikaa

Venla 15.2.2015



We had ultrasound done on Tuesday, and Venla is expecting a nice sized litter in the end of February.

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