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News 2020


Long time since last updates, ann not so much this time either. Covid-19 came at spring, just before outdoor show season started, all was cancelled- Later at autumn there was some events done with special arrangements, but it felt not so important to enter. So this is a year with now show result at all.

The biggest news for this year is that our h-litter is born. more about it from our puppies page.

And some nice healthresults we got during the spring and autumn, as members of our latest litters were x-rayed:

All members of F-litter:
D. Fancy Pants B/A
D. Finnish Passion A/A
D. Flying Finn A/A
D. Frontside Ollie A/A
D. Faitful Joy A/A
D. Forest Flower B/A

First membesr of our G-litter:

D. Gangster Indeed C/C
D. Gentleman Criminal A/A
D. Gangster's Bride A/A
D. Granny's Pride B/A

Some sad news too...

In memoriam

C.I.B C.I.E Dirlian Charlotte Russe
21.2.2015 - 25.6.2020




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