Life of the Welsh...

Pictures of my own dogs and fosters, there might be some guest stars among these pictures...


"Big family reunion" a.k.a. Kennel Dirlian 10th annual party in June 2007

Saturday ->
Sunday ->
Dogs attending the party ->

Oh those Welshes... fun shots over the years.


...had withered in peace and quite in our yard the whole autumn...

...until it was
discovered one day....

...and was found
highly suspicious...

Finally Togo-pops
gets it done!

Autumn 1999
Dogs in the pictures: Dirlian Moonlight Molly (Veera), Dirlian Mighty Man (Teuvo), Dirlian Nice Surprise (Kirsti) and Palokaivon Amiraali (Togo)

Once upon a time there were a snowman...

...and beside that we had
chance to take one decent
pose picture of Tyyne.

Veera found his
cone nose irresistible...

So this is what happens
it you build a snowman
and own a Welsh...

...or three!

Take that, you long-nosed
smiling dude!

Winter 2000
Dogs in the pictures: Rocbee Victoria Cross (Tyyne), Dirlian Moonlight Molly (Veera) and Dirlian Nice Surprise (Kirsti)

We all have our own styles...

O-litter rooming-in

Style sample of Veera. She did that even when she grew up. Well outside food bowl after all.

Milk is tasty and the puppies are growing up (O-litter).

Rush our in a food bowl area, M-litter eating.

O-litter dining

Nelli waits for Rasmus-hamster to walk into her mouth. A bit optimistic.

Summer 2003. Our backyard bar for the puppies and adults. Notice matching colors! :) )

Roni Robinson keeps a look-out
(Dirlian Onslow)
© Hanna Kontunen)

Flying Welsh Lotta
(Dirlian Pretty Primrose)
© Teemu Lindberg

Hugo exhausted
(Dirlian Quarter Note)
© Michelle Stellter

"What the heck is this? This might be dangerous, it's better to jump on top of it until it's safe."