Me and Santeri aka C.I.B FI&EE CH Dirlian Uncommon Spice
after distribution of Vuolasvirta awards in December 2012

I am Maarit Ruotsalainen and I live with my dogs in Kaarenkylä which is a little beautiful village near old city of Porvoo in the southern coast of Finland. I´ve been involved with the breed from distant 80's and our first litter, Dirlian M-puppies were born at 1997. Since then I have been breeding in a small scale, about 1 litter / year. At December 2012 I received Finninsh Kennel Club's Vuolasvirta Award for meriterious breeding.

My life with Welsh Springer Spaniels started "officially" in autumn 1986 when I got my first Welshie "Popa" aka Fin Mva Rocbee Kernel Goldheart. More about Popa and the first years of my dog hobby you can read grom the page "How it all began". Popa was a unique creature (as every Welsh!), and living with him I became so much hooked on this lovely breed so there's no end in sight for me... After Popa I have had 5 Welshies at home, our unforgettable "foundation granny" Tyyne (INT FI&EE CH EEW-98 Rocbee Victoria Cross 1994-2005), her lovely daughter Veera (INT FI&EE CH EEW-02 Dirlian Moonlight Molly 1997-2006) and her half-sister Kirsti (FI&RUS CH Dirlian Nice Surprise 1999-2011). At September 2007 joined lovely Kerttu ( C.I.B FI & EE CH Eastfarms' Joy At Dirlian) to my dog family, and at June 2009 I got the newest add of our team when Kukka ( FI&EE CH Eastfarms' Magnolia) joined us. I have also a few co-ownersip dogs which you'll find at My dogs-page.

Because all my dogs live in our house with me I hope the number of dogs stays in reasonable limits. My breeding bases very much on co-owned dogs, and I been very lucky because I have managed to find very nice and understanding families to co-owners, it's been pleasure to do co-operation with all of them. Being rational I plan to have a litter per year. My aim is to breed typical and healthy Welshies which have glad and friendly temperament and which give their owners pleasure as a beloved pets and at the different hobbies.

Along the years dogs and this hobby have become a lifestyle, so all the other hobbies I might have had have been left aside. With luck I still have enough time to do the "obligatory" - the work in the house and garden. To keep my dogs and myself feeded, I'm working for the town of Porvoo as a head of surveying group.

Dogs have always been important to me, even yet I didn´t have one of my own. It would be hard to imagine a life without them and everything else this beloved hobby has brought along - unforgettable moments and friends.

Our home at Summer 2002