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Puppies only few hours old. Girl on the left.


Three days old and they are growing fast. There's plenty of milk and mom takes a good care of the puppies.


The puppies are growing incredibly fast. Even the smallest girl is nicely chubby now. The biggest one has opened his eyes, I think the rest will do the same in the following days. This morning when I drank my morning coffee I heard something that could be describes as barking. Maija was also listening very carefully and then went to check the situation. Otherwise nothing new, puppies are eating and drinking well.


Ongoing walking practise. Steps are starting to look more steady, but none of those got caught on camera yet. Also life outside litterbox is starting to become interesting. We'll see when the first head starts peeking outside those walls.


Big changes today in a litter box. Little ones were peeking constantly outside the box, I opened them a whole new world, a play cage. Puppy cage was quite exciting and tiring at first. Luckily we have this old and safe box to sleep in.


We are so big already. At the end of the week they may get to know outside world also. It's getting quite difficult to photograph the puppies when they're playing. When they are sleeping the pictures have some other content than a half of a puppy. The puppies are eating real food already and it seems to be very tasty. They are getting bigger every day!


This was an exiting day. The little ones got outside for the first time in their lives. They were unbelievably brave and keeping up with them with a camera was extremely hard. Luckily they brought their own lunch with them (mom) so hunger didn't surprise anyone.

In the end it started raining and they had to go inside, which raised a storm of protest amongst tiny Welshes. We will go out againg tomorrow if the weather is better, let's hope for a sunny day.


Warm weather is nice. We can run around the garden, there's so many new and weird places to explore. It's very tiring to play outside and the nap is welcome.


Tomorrow will be wistful. A sister and a brother, D. True Princess and D. Team Spirit are moving to their own homes. The last boy will move out next thursday. We have played outside the whole day. Although it was quite messy because of morning dew... Midday was so hot that the whole litter fell asleep under garden table next to their mom...

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